Wednesday, July 16, 2014


July 10

Hey there Campers;

We  awoke to a great sunny day.  I know you are asking what is up with the sunny day issue. Well. Some days are sunny others start off raining. We are always glad for the sun. It is cool enough for shirt and not muggy. What more can you ask for. Now if we can just get rid of the mosquitoes!

We went to Walmart to get some vittles before we took off. Only a sea coast are you going to see live lobsters in the store. This is appealing because of what? Can you imagine taking these babies home and have them clanging in your pot. Not for us. Thank the good Lord.

Ok last time at Rota Farms Ice Creamery. We decided we could pack some of the ice cream and take it with us. Somebody was real happy. Ice Cream Man strikes again!


We were told to make sure we had breakfast at Michael's Bridge Diner before leaving. Talk about an interesting place. He had all of these animals that he has caught hanging from the wall.

The waitress had on cute shirts. It just says it all.

There was lots of interesting quotes all over the restaurant. I mean diner. Ya know there is a difference. Or so we have been told. Must be an eastern thing. Any way one sign really caught my eye. It said " Remember Stressed spelled backward is Dessert". We that can be a life changer.
We went by April Montoya's office at the conference to say good bye. She just got promoted to Assistant Youth Leader.

I decided check out the ABC. OMG. NCC ABC take note. This was the best looking ABC I have ever seen. It was well stocked and met everyone's needs and open to the community. Hello. Wake up ya'll.


One final look at the Village Church we went to on Sabbath.

We crossed over into New Hampshire. They have quaint little towns and lots of bridges. It is home to world class sand sculptures

6138 ,6136,6141 We entered into Maine later in the day. Maine is very scenic.

We found our Hotel Walmart in Scarborough, ME and called it a day.

Question of the Day

What year did Maine become a state?

Well, until the next time Campers......

Lo & Bren


  1. UH-UH. WALMART had LOBSTERS!? Something is SO WRONG with that.

    Now that the ABC belongs to the PH Conference Office, there is HOPE. When it wasn't under their direct control, I agree, it was pitiful. I could NEVER find Linkettes in there, and what was up with changing the time it opened every five minutes (on weekends, anyway). That is a really nice ABC. I think it also may be that we just have more health food stuff in general than the East Coast, so their ABC's are SUPER important, whereas we just shrug and go to Harvest House... and order our Linkettes online...

    That little Village Church is adorable.