Wednesday, July 16, 2014


July 15

Hey there Campers;

Well, we are starting this day off with water from the sky. We fire up the Hilton and head toward Canada. We remember that we did not get gas for Connie (my car the Suburban). So the search is on. We find a couple of places but they are hard to get into with the Hilton. We really do not want to pay Canadian prices. They are over $5 a gallon. Just as we near the border I see the Citgo and start shouting STOP. Lo whip the Hilton to a stop and turns in.

We get our gas and get in line to go to Canada through Calais.

Cross the bridge with the flowing river.


Ok call me crazy, but how many ways can the border patrol ask you if you have been to Canada recently. Told them we were there yesterday at Campobello. You cannot get to Nova Scotia from there. He says yes you can. We say we know but you have to take the ferry. He asked "what is wrong with the ferry". We say it is over $200 to take Hilton and Connie. He says "so what is wrong with that". We tell him we choose not to go that route. He asks us when was the last time were in Canada before yesterday. We tell him 2012 when we went to Alaska. SERIOUSLY. Do we look like terrorist? I think not. He finally gives our passports back.

 Hello New Brunswick.

We traveled on to Murray Beach. Our goal was to go to Prince Edward Island tomorrow. However, in listing to the weather report it is going to rain for the next few days. So we change our plans and are going to Nova Scotia first.

We had dinner while looking over the bay and barely seeing PEI in the far distance. We also had a great beach to enjoy where we are staying.


Well, until the next time Campers......

Lo & Bren

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