Sunday, July 6, 2014


June 30

Hey there Campers;

4721, 4724 What a great sunny and clear day as we pass the nation's capital. We did not stop because we were there last year. We traveled into Maryland. In Baltimore we paid $12 to go through the tunnel. Just as we passed by the great Johns Hopkins Hospital there was another toll for $24. As we get into Delaware the toll is a $7.

 As we come up I-95 to Philly we pass where the Eagles play.


We finally arrive in New Jersey. As we round the bend the New York skyline appears.  We get to our exit off the NJ Turnpike. This was $27.10 in tolls. OK  enough with the tolls for the day.

We are staying in New Jersey as New York City does not have any RV parks. The view from the Hilton are great. We are staying at the Marina and parking next to expensive boats. This is cheaper than hotels in the city. We got situated and call it a day.

Question of the Day
What statue sits in the harbor between New York & New Jersey?

Well, Until the next time Campers...

Lo & Bren


  1. In New York Harbor - Statue of Liberty

  2. I still think it's amazing that you guys stay in that RV park in Jersey and get all the benefits of being in NY w/o the parking and hotel fees. Go, you.