Friday, July 25, 2014


July 24

Hey there Campers;

 Today is overcast but still a great day to go touring. The repair shop is working on the Hilton so we needed to leave early. We wanted to see what further down the coast looked like so we headed to Peggy's Cove in St. Margaret's Bay.

Can you believe that we finally got to see a Adventist church. This is the first one we have seen in Nova Scotia. Every town has 3-4 Catholic Churches.

As we came closer to the cove it was so foggy you could barely see the sign.

We were looking for the lighthouse and did not see it. We actually had to come within 500 feet before the lighthouse even showed. It got a little clearer as we got closer.

It was surrounded by a huge rock formation.

Teresa White would be proud of us. We took information she taught us in our tide pool class to try to find anything in the water. We could not find a thing. It was ok since we had fun looking.

We spent some time in the gift shop hopping the fog would lift. It still wasn't lifting. So we decided to move on down the coast.

On the road we saw the sign for the Swissair Flight 111 Memorial. I had to stop for a minute to remember the accident. It was the plane that left NY and went down in Nova Scotia waters.

The gift shop ladies were telling us we had to go to Mahone Bay to see the 3 churches. We decided to go. As you round the bend you see the churches. It really sets off the quaint town.

 The tall yellow church is the St. James Anglican. There was a sign that said open so I went in. It was a beautiful church with beautiful stain glass.



A church rep was in the church speaking with visitors. I asked him since there were so many churches in the area was there church full. He said no. They have 2 services but hardly anyone comes to either service. He said most people were just not interested church. I guess every church has this problem.

We drove on to Lunenburg. This is a fishing town and has made the town life based on fisheries and trawlers. Of course cod fishing great in the area.

We stopped and had lunch at the Dockside Restaurant. It set up on the a hill and overlooked the bay and carriage rides. Ice Cream man strikes again. He found ice cream at a place called Sweet Treasures.

This is a town that has colorful buildings.

The street signs had ocean items on the them. Ok some of this was just weird.

It looked like it was going to rain so we headed to the car. Just as we got on the road it poured. We went back to the Hilton. Since it was still being worked on we got a hotel for the night. OH joy. The shop gave us some recommendations. The first place was scary. It looked like it could house the homeless. It was a Days Inn. We drove around the parking lot and I looked at Lo and said what the heck. Not today. We headed to the Best Western and got a nice room.

Rest was peaceful.

Well, until the next time Campers......

Lo & Bren


  1. No Bates Motel for yah huh sister? heheheehehe

  2. Wow, those street signs...!
    That must be such a charming town in the sunshine... have a feeling that they get ta lot of fog, though, from that bright old paint!