Tuesday, July 8, 2014


July 3

Hey there Campers;

Well we survived the night of being battered by the rain, high wind, lightning and thunder. This is not even the hurricane yet. We start the overcast day off with the PATH. We had a issue of catching the city bus. We were given information that did not apply. We got on a bus which would have taken us to the harbor but got off because the driver told us his was not the bus. Lo told me it really was the bus. So..... I said let's just walk there. It is only 5 blocks down and 5 blocks over. Boy was that a mistake. Somebody's knees were a rockin and it was not mine. I slowed down to walk with him and he would slow down even more. I am looking at him and thinking "really dude". He is looking at me thinking "for real we have it walk there???"

We passed by the biggest UPS building ever. Well we finally arrive and we had missed our 10:00 trip. The next trip is 12:30 PM So..... We decided we can go to the next pier and check out the USS Intrepid Museum.

I thought about my friend David B. He is a military historian. He would totally love this museum. The ship is almost as tall as the Empire State building.

The Intrepid was a carrier. This means that it carried planes to and from war areas. Did you know that all pilots carry a Blood Chit? What is this?? Well is the popular name for a notice identifying an American servicemen and asking for help. It was usually in French text stating: I am an American aviator. My airplane is destroyed. I cannot speak your language. I am an enemy of the Japanese. Have the kindness to protect me, to take care of me and to take me to the nearest Allied military office. The government of my country will reward you". Can you believe the government would only give them a $50 award.

There were many artifacts about the ship. It was part of the Cold War, Vietnam & the Space Race. This is the ship that picked up astronaut Scott Carpenter after he had his space adventure.

Can you imagine sleeping in a bunk like this. This was usually home for 6 months. Everything you had, had to go into that locker. This space is smaller than a high school locker.

They had guides who really knew about the ship and how it worked. Some had even been crew members on the ship.

The museum had a hands on Exploratorium. This was great for the kids and adults. They had a simulator that took you to G-force. Paddles that help you learn to signal groups. We left when it was time to go back for our boat cruise. There is so much to do and see in this museum.

Cairy Lester, told us we must take the Full Island Circle-Line Cruise. He was right. It was worth it. You totally see Manhattan Island from a different perspective. They was an employee that handled the line and answer questions. She said something that I really liked. She said "keep your kids in check. They cannot scream or run around the deck. This is not your home. If you won't check them we will." This was done in a NYC Latina dialect. She had the head and hand motions to go with it. You say it girl!

The tour guide David, was a professor of art and acting at a local university.

Facts about NY:
Ø  There are 130 different languages
Ø  8.4 million people in city and boroughs
Ø  If your car is towed it is $285 fine and cost of the ticket.
Ø  Hudson river is famous for Chesley Sullenberger landing the plane on it.
Ø  At Steven's Institute all Macy's flows are tested before being allow in the Macy's parade.
Ø  Collapsed deck is where the Titanic was suppose to dock.
Ø  Hoboken has changed and it going upscale.
Ø  Holland Tunnel has 18 million gallons of water pumped out of daily. 
Ø  Mud from Holland Tunnel was put on Ellis Island to extend it out.
Ø  Slaves built New Amsterdam, which later became NYC
Ø  New York did not ratify Declaration of Independence until July 10 because of the British ships in the harbor.
Ø  92 acres of land filled dug out for twin towers.
Ø  Most NYer's have never been to Governors Island we thought it is just across the river.  
Ø  There is a fort at the bottom of Statue of Liberty 
Ø  Brooklyn Bridge is the bridge that changed the world. One of the first suspension bridge.
Ø  Brooklyn is called the King City.
Ø  Roosevelt Island is where they kept the mental ill and criminals.
Ø  There are 20 noble Prize winners at Rockefeller Univ,
Ø  Chrysler Building designed to look like a 1930's car hood ornament
Ø  NY rent has increased 75% since 2000  
Ø  Yankee Stadium - Yankees and Giants played in the same Stadium 

Ø  97% of subway cars are coated in aluminum so graffiti won't stick
Ø  NYC second greenest city in US. Portland #1

After the wonderful Island cruise, we went to our favorite restaurant - Carmines. We had a great spaghetti dinner.

We tried to get into the 9/11 Tribute but it closed minutes before we got there. Hello your brochures say close at 6:00PM. We were there 5:35PM. Ok. next time.

To cap off the day we heard on the news that Hurricane Arthur was still one it's way up the coast. So again we called it a day. Just as we got inside the Hilton the raindrops started. Another night of rain, high winds, thundering and lighting. Ok. I get it. It is time to move on.

Question of the Day
Who originally owned Ellis Island and what did he do for a living?

Well, Until the next time Campers...

Lo & Bren


  1. Why am I NOT surprised!!! Native American Indians. Then Samuel Ellis who was a NY merchant and owner of a tavern.

  2. The best part of a road trip is having a Plan B when Plan A gets missed. The military museum looked really interesting.

    Also, I am CRACKING UP that someone was bold enough to say, "Keep your kids in check." Yeah. You're definitely on the East Coast!