Tuesday, July 8, 2014


July 4

Hey there Campers;

We bid the Big Apple & Lady Liberty a final goodbye. Last night we got hit hard with rain etc. We decided to forgo the fireworks tonight and leave NY for Boston since it was going to storm again. So we put the Hilton on the road.

As we approached the George Washington Bridge, the sign said Cars $13, Trucks $13 and up. Lo looks at me. I said "all I got is this $100 bill." He says "they won't take that. I got a $20 in my wallet". I look at him like "dude this is NY". But I get the $20 out and give it to him and keep my $100 out just in case. Ladies you know how you have that feeling. WELLLLLLL. We pull up to the toll gate. The toll guy says $68. Lo looks at him as says we are a RV. The guy says "You towin a car ain't cha. $68". We gulped and paid. Lo looked a me. I looked at him and said, "I guess I won't be complaining  about the $20 to cross the Benicia Bridge any more. The GWB is not even as long as the Benicia Bridge. OK get over it already. We go another 10 miles and get zapped with a $5 toll for the NY State Thruway.

We drove through CT & RI. They are both very green and beautiful. Unfortunately it was raining so hard the scenery was difficult to appreciate.  

We did have a small remembrance. Lo's brother Monroe was station at the New London, CT sub base for many years.

We rolled into MA with rain dogging us all the way. One of the ladies in our daughter Sharelle's Seeds for Christ group, Angela Montoya, is from MA. She told us that her old conference has hookups for our RV's since their campmeeting is on the same site. So we went there. It was good to stop. The rain had slowed some and we called it a day

Thank God for all the blessing of getting us here safely.
Well, Until the next time Campers...

Lo & Bren


  1. Hate those toll roads to say nothing of those bridge tolls. A fella could go broke. . . Sounds and looks like you are having too much fun to give it too much more thought. hehehehehee

  2. (o.0) $68?! WHOA.
    Rhode Island is so beautifully green -- but yeah, with this storm, you're not going to see much. All my E. Coast friends are sick to death of the rain. Glad you're staying safe.