Wednesday, July 16, 2014


July 9

Hey there Campers;

We  awoke to a beautiful sunny day. This is our last day in MA. We decided to cleaned the Hilton wash clothes. We were able to do 5 loads in the Hilton.

We were invited by the Montoya family to go out to dinner.  They took us to the Old Mill to show us what real New England meals were about.

This was a very beautiful place. You enter through a covered bridge and walk along an amazing water pond.

We had a wonderful time getting to know that the family. We got a chance to meet Terry, Angela's mother today. Shannon, Angela cousin, her husband Gale & baby Annaleigh. 

After dinner we went out front to feed the ducks.

Of course we had to take a pic with baby Annaleigh.

We all were glad to get to know one another. They told us about other places we should visit while on the east coast.

We went back to the Montoya's and talked for a while. It was good to have friends who are now family.

Thank you Montoya's for everything and opening up your home to us. We loved the family and hope to see them when they come to see Angela in Cally. Don't forget Montoya's the dinner is on the Brandy's.

Somebody wanted to go and get an ice cream. No ice cream . Not tonight. It really is too late to make it. Sorry Ice Cream Man.

Well, until the next time Campers......

Lo & Bren

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