Wednesday, July 30, 2014


July 28

Hey there Campers;

Well, it is time to almost say goodbye to Prince Edward Island. It rained last night so we were a little leery of going bike riding. But we decided to go anyway. We drove to Cavendish Grove to catch one of the many trails in the city.

The trail was very natural.

We wanted to ride near the gulf. We had to cross a floating bridge. The water was quite high and flowing over the bridge.

We saw lots of black birds. We were trying to decide if they were ravens or crows. We decided they had to be ravens since they were quite large.  The way they were cawing I felt like we were in the about Edgar Allen Poe movie The Raven.  A little sinister!!

 After riding in the wrong direction we finally found the path that lead to the ocean. I really wasn't the ocean but the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Lo decided he wanted to be adventurous and ride his bike down to the beach. Now the challenge was to get the bike back up the hill. I was most impress with my honey for wanting to do something different. Normally that would have been me going down there. You go Lo.




I wanted to see how warm the water was. It defiantly was not SF water. This was quite nice. People were walking far into the gulf.

On our way back we saw a pot belly stove at a picnic area. I guess this is available so in the winter the area can still be used.

Lo decided he wanted us to go to North Cape before leaving. This is at the furthest end of the island So we take the Hilton to Walmart in Sunnyside and get in Connie for the trip. We passed through many farm lands. Everything here is flat.

We arrive at North Cape. Of course you know that there is going to be a lighthouse. The North Cape is the longest rock reef in North America. This is where the Gulf of the St. Lawrence and the Northumberland Strait  comes together. You can see the different waters by the colors.

There were several cloud formations that were giving rain in sections of the water.

We ventured down to the beach. For some strange reason, people stack rocks into strange formations all over the beach.

We got a chance to see birds and seals on the sand bars.

OK what is wrong with this picture? Does the sign not say the cliffs are dangerous??? I think some people just choose to ignore common sense.

There also was a Wind Energy Interpretive Center. This is quite interesting in that there were windmills everywhere.

Have you ever thought how long one of the windmill blades are? Or how big the motor is to run the windmill? Well Google to see the stats. Windmills really helps to save energy and fuel.

I like the way you can find a lighthouse. Just look for the lighthouse sign.

So at the end of the day we venture back across the bridge. Now this is a toll bridge. The coming over is free. But the going back is $45.00 for cars. But we have to pay $66.00 for the RV and towing vehicle. They got you because you don't have any way of getting off the island except for a ferry ride. For us on the ferry it is over $200 and a hours ride.

We make it back to New Brunswick for the night.

Question of the Day

What crop does Prince Edward Island known for?

Well, until the next time Campers......

Lo & Bren

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  1. I had to Google this... I would have thought a flat island would have produced corn or clams or berries or something. Potatoes! I had no idea.

    We are SO going to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia some summer. You guys have made it look so attractive and I just WANT to go, rainy weather, crazy expensive food, toll roads and all.

    Also, they do that rock thing in Iceland, too. For them, it's supposed to be, making pretend rock dolls that come to life and walk around when they're not looking (Icelandic people believe in elves and trolls as well), but I dunno why they do it in Canada. Maybe they have walking rocks there, too.