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July 18

Hey there Campers;

After a night of rain, the sun is shining bright. We decided we are going to move the Hilton to the Arms of Gold RV Campground. Since my car is unhooked from the Hilton, Lo ask me if I was going to lead out to the campground or he was. I get in my car to start and he takes off. Oh boy. He goes around the freeway in a circle and ended up going back to the same Walmart. I jumped ahead this time and took the lead. This time we got on the freeway correctly and made it to the campground. Men!!!!. Why can't they just ask directions. Just got to love them. He, he, he.

We got all settled and drove back to Louisbourg to the Fortress of Louisbourg. From 1713 to 1768 the port of Louisbourg was a place if importance for the countries of France and England. It was one of the busiest ports in North America.  

The original fortress burn to the ground but in 1960 Canada decided it needed to be reconstructed for the historical value to their people. It was completed in 1980's. The fortress has people who reenact life during the hay day of the town. Think circa 1700's.

This cast iron cannon was one of 12 used to defend Louisbourg during the war of 1738. It was used to fire on the British.

Upon arriving we are greet by one of the local fishermen of the village. We are taken into the fishermen's house and spent time with his wife. She told us about what her life was like during this time. There were 150 homes outside the gate. These were mostly fishermen.

Have you ever heard the term "hook line and sinker"? Well it came from how Cod fish are caught. It was with a hook on a line with the sinker. Did you know dried cod fish can last for up to 1 year. The average cod is 30-40 lbs. The largest cod fish on record is 212 lbs.

Cod liver oil was used as a lantern oil when they ran out of lighting oils. It did not shine as bright and it smelled. How many of us remember having to take cod liver oil?? To this day, I cannot stand the smell. I remember having to hold my nose and taking the slimy stuff. It was good for what ailment?? 

Cod liver oil was also put on clothes to make them waterproof.

We continued on to the fortress gates. Where it was protected guards. There was even a draw bridge to protect the fortress. Guard station was like to police station.

Who really wanted to be a guard? The pay was lousy. They were suppose to get 9 liefs a month. They normally only got 7.5 liefs a month.  The guards literally had to pay for everything they had. No government issue here. You got one pair of shoes. The

shoes were square. No left or right.  So if one went bad you could just buy only one shoe. Ladies you know that is not going to work for us. We would have to have a red one. A black one and a multicolored one.

The bathroom facilities for the guards were weird. I know they wanted to be close but going to the facilities together brings another whole thought. Where is the partition? Hey it dump right into the bay. Talk about flushed done the toilet.

Tunnel lead to the outside river. Private way into the fortress.


Governor's mansion.

Governors guard

Governors bed.


Bed was one of the few places where there was privacy. The instrument on the bed was called a Hurley Girlie.

 I guess wig stand have not change over the centuries.

The governors formal dining room. After dinner, it would be changed to a card room or a dance floor. The pictures are of Louie the 14th & 15th.

Cod fish was a main staple of the town. It was so popular that it sustain the colony for years. The fortress was somewhat centrally located. A person could be 6 weeks sail from France, 6 weeks from Quebec 6 weeks from French Indies. It was the 4th business port. It was the only thing the Fortress of Louisbourg exported.

Chapel of St. Louie

There were many stories told in the house along the street.

One of the highlights was a mock trail about a man stole a bottle of wine to make is sweetheart love him. He was begging to be freed and his lady love was looking for any gent. Later all is forgiven.


Children of the people. They are learning how to be voices of stories.

Faces of towns people.

The art of fancy lace was were important but expensive. Only the rich can afford.

When wives had time they would sit down and make their own yarn.

When a husband died, most women did not want to get remarried because they had more freedom having their own business. If you married everything became your husband.

 Story is told about a young 19 year old slave girl, Marie Marguerite Rose whom was freed when her master died. She was approximately 40 years old at the time. Since being freed she was able to marry a man with a tavern. When he died she became the owner. She was very prosperous.

This brings a whole to life to a dunking tank.

Gateway to the world beyond.

Cart before the horse or horse before the cart?

Did you know that a lot of the Louisiana Cajun are descendant of French people from Louisbourg. Why? Glad you asked. When England defeated the French some went back to France. Others decided to stay in the new world and shipped out to Louisiana where there was a high population of French speaking people.


Leaving the fortress.

Canada's first light house was erected at Louisbourg, because it was the entrance to the busy harbor. It was first lit in 1734. The current light house was built in 1923.


We stopped had dinner and headed back home to open the Sabbath. What a fun and history loving day.

Question of the Day
Why was Cod Fish a big deal for the French? Hint: It has something to do with religion.

Well, until the next time Campers......

Lo & Bren

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  1. Hope you guys can get out and see some of the Black Loyalist stuff in Canada - there's a museum and some good stuff. Check it out!

    Oh, dear -- did those poor French people have to eat cod on Fridays and saint/feast days, since Catholics aren't supposed to eat meat then? Ugh. The stink of it on clothes to waterproof them must have been INTENSE.