Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hello Trackers:

June 21 – Today is our travel day. We are headed toward Homer. Homer is only 127 miles away. It is the home of the Spit. The sun is really shinning. Can you believe this is the first time we have not had to wear our coats! PTL! The drive is beautiful as usual. This time there are snow capped volcano mountains and glaciers. As we passed the Russian River 20+ fly fishermen were circling the waters bend in their tall waders and vest having a great time fishing. I know Eddie H, Brian L and my brother-in-law Terry would have a field day doing this. We found the state park, Anchor Point, where we decided to stay. It had 5 different areas. So we park the Hilton4. We know 2 we were too long to stay in.  So as the site hunter I needed to go and investigate. Lo decided he would come with me. Oh boy. I pull out of the parking lot and remembered I needed my purse out of the Hilton4. I circle back to get it. As we pull out of the parking lot again, Lo says “are you going to hit that pot hold again?” I tried to be nice and ignore him. I drive 200 more feet. “Lo says this road speed is 35MPH”. I look at him and say, “Obviously you want to drive.” He looks at me and knows it is on. He sheepishly says ok. No problem. Better he drive than I club him before we get a site. The site we got is next to the beach. We can look out the windows and see the Kachemak Bay.  We drive the 15 miles into Homer to check it out. Found the Visitor Center. They provided wonderful tips on where to see the best parts of the city. We also check the Spit out and found a great bike trail. Maybe a ride tomorrow. We went up in the hills of Homer and saw the whole city, Spit, glaciers and Kachemak Bay. We will spend the day in Homer tomorrow.

Question of the day – What is a Spit? (And not the salvia kind) Well look it up and let me know your answer.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Moose or not to Moose that is the question

Hello Trackers:

June 19 – Seward – We drove to Seward today. It is actually a sunny day. But to us Cally born it was still cold. Will we ever be able to get out of our jackets? I think not. The drive was again beautiful. More road work being done because the winter storms created rock slides. Of course we found the Visitors Center to get the low down on the town. Seward is a typical seaport town. It is all about the fish and glaciers. Lucky for us no cruise ship in port so we had the town all to ourselves. We cruised the town. Downtown was only 3 blocks long. We went to the Alaska Sea Life Center. That was fun. They had huge windows. It was fun to watch huge Sea Lions swim to the window. All they wanted to do was play. You moved, they moved. We got a chance to see real puffins and octopus. Later in the day we went to Exit Glacier. We took a guided walking tour to the glacier. It is amazing how the glaciers are formed. Ice on ice. Of course we were also on the lookout for bears. You never know when or where they will be. None today. We were told interesting things about the plants. What we thought was a squash leaf looking plant was really called a Pushky. In Russian it means little cannon. It produces oil when you touch it. It makes you sensitive to ultra violet. Hello that is sun light. Even if you get it on your clothes and try to washout you have to be extra careful. Another plant they have is called the Devils Thorns or Cows Parsnips. It looks smooth on one side and thorny on the other. The thorns really dig in. Did you know moose’s eat up on a tree? Why you may ask. They have no top teeth. We decided to head back. We were debating on going to dinner or just cooking at home. We decided to just go cook. So…We found Safeway. Yes Safeway is pretty big in AK. Sometimes it is called CARRS. (I think Safeway is slowly buying them out.) Well anyway, I got the groceries and almost fell out with the bill. It was $65.00. I bought a cabbage that cost $5.00. I tried to get the smallest one. I got bananas that were $1.69 lbs., tomatoes $5.49 lbs. and other little items. OK where is that Costco!!! Where is my Pleasant Hill Produce store? Lo stated we are going to eat every bite of that cabbage. None of this food will go to waste for sure.

 Question of the day – Moose are called ______ of the Forest? Well look it up and let me know your answer.

June 20 – We decided to laze around the campground. Lo decided he needs to play MacGyver and build a part to the sewer pipe he had been thinking about. He got the parts while we were in town yesterday. Of course he had to check it out at the dump site. We will see how well it works when we leave tomorrow. It is overcast day as usual. We got the bikes out and rode around the area. We rode to the main highway and explored many ways to get to the lake. We also found an airstrip that had several bush planes. We stopped by the Alaskan Horsemen Trail Adventures to watch a group come in from a long trail ride. I never thought a Clydesdale horse would be a trail horse. We spoke with several tourist and trail hands. Is no one from AK? We decide to keep on riding to the other campground we found on Sunday. It was a good ride until we saw something on the road ahead of us. We could only see the back of it. So we stopped way back. It turned out to be a moose. He looked at us. We stood still and looked at him. We both looked at each other like you move first. Luckily, a truck came by heading toward the moose. Moose went into trees. There was no way were going to continue down that road. We could not turn those bikes around fast enough. We decided it was time to go home. I got a chance to speak with Serena today. It was good to hear from family.  I decided today we were going to have some of that cabbage. It tasted really good.

Question of the day – Moose antlers weight how many lbs? Well look it up and let me know your answer.

Until next time Trackers. Keep a light burning for us.

Lo & Bren

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Forgot to mention Tanita you are correct with your answer.



Hello Trackers:
June 17 – Today is a travel day. We decide to go the Famers Market one more time. It was not as many vendors out due to it being Fathers Day. We decided to go to the airport to see what it was like. It is the size of the Oakland Airport. We toured the area of the Aviation Museum and the Seaplane base. These are amazing aircraft that take you anywhere there is water or land.

We bid adieu to Anchorage and head toward Seward. Lo said Seward was only 70 miles away and we decided not to hook up the car since we were only going to drive to a camp ground that was 40 miles before Seward. As we travel the roads we again have the snow capped mountains on one side and lakes on the other side. The drive was breath taking. As we were driving I am thinking this sure is a long 30 miles. We finally see a sign that says Seward is 87 more miles. I am asking what the?????? What happen to the 70 miles total??? Lo pulls over and ask the same question. Did we miss something? The map he saw was in correct. It is 126 miles from Anchorage. Oh well. The drive is beautiful and peaceful. AK does not have mileage signs like Cally. We pulled in the Quartz Creek Campground. It is on Lake Kenai. It is a state park so we get 50% discount each night. Boy, sometimes it pays to be an old geezer. Of course we have to drive around the loops to find a site. Since I am in the car I get the site hunt job. I find a spot. Put the tag as occupied on the site and go get Lo and the Hilton4. Why is it, by the time I get back a black SUV is in our spot. I look at the lady. She looks at me and says "the park ranger told her this spot was open”.  I tried to be nice and ask did she see the occupied sign. She looked at me like so.  Again she says “the park ranger said it was open”. Well, by now I am getting a little annoyed. I point behind me and asked if she sees the motorhome behind me. She looked and said “the park ranger says it is open”. So, I start to get out of the car. (I almost took my earrings off and greased my face. Ya’ll from the hood know what that means.)  I was just going to ask her politely to move. She thought she had better just move her car and took off. Once we settled in, we took a walk round the campground. There was another state campground just 3 miles down the road. We decided to get in the car and see what is was like. We drove for ever on this “dirt road”. It has so many pot holes that we had a hard time getting in. The sites were not worth the trip. Later, I got a call from Lani Girl. She just got to Disneyland and planned to have a good time. Happy Fathers Day to All.  We decided to call it a day.

June 18 – We decided we had no rush to be anywhere today so we stayed around the campground. We thought about getting the bikes out but saw black clouds and decided we would just take a walk. We walked along the lake. The waves were really roaring and thought we had better head for the Hilton4. Before we could get back to road it started to pour. These AK rains are no joke. They come pretty fast. We had to stand under a tree to try to wait the heavy down pour out. Two things came to mind. 1- Jesus on the boat when the storm came up on the lake. The water was calm then roaring. 2- Hiding our light under a bush. Both of these thoughts let me know that Jesus is still in control no matter what happens. We finally got back. A little soaked but the walk did us good. After a nap and the rains cleared, we finished our walk and mapped out tomorrows day. The one thing I really like about this campground was the campers leave old life jackets at the boat launch so no kid will on the water without one. What a great way to protect the kids.

Lo got a chance to speak with his brother Sparky (Glen). All is well.

Rita you are correct in your answer.

Question of the day – Which state is bigger Texas or AK? Well look it up and let me know your answer.

Until next time Trackers. Keep a light burning for us.

Lo & Bren

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Anchorage. Away my Friends

Hey AK Trackers:

June 11 - 16 - we have spend these days in Anchorage @ the AK camp meeting. It has been fun and great meeting new people. We have met people who are willing to share their talents, great seminar knowledge and great sermons. We have really gotten to know several people. I know I have mention that there is a musician Gayle Jones Murphy here. Over this past week he have gotten to know her and her husband Murph. They are from Nashville. This woman can play anything on the piano and has the most awesome voice. Every evening she wows us with her music. Of course I had to buy her CD.  We met David Glenn and his wife Kia. He was head sound guy. We found out that he knew a lot of people we knew from the Bay Area. He use to go to the Elmhurst church. We met Manny who was working with David. Of course Lo took him under his wings to teach him about life and what to look for in a potential wife. We also met George Johnson, head of the GC Commincation dept. He kept us laughing. We were able to have "Face Time" with my sister Rita and Chad. It was good to "see" someone from home. I got a pic from our Lani Girl. She graduated from her gym class. Of course we has to take time to tour the city. We can be real tour guides. Now you know Lo had to do his "tour the city to see where real people live". It was interesting. We met a young on the streets who took us to the transit station to buy a ticket. He told us he had family in Willits and was thinking about going there but he had to wait " until he got off probation". We did not ask him for what. But we kind of got the hint. We got on the bus and Lo got in a conversation with the bus driver. He was from Virginia. He asked us did we notice how friendly everyone was. We said yes. He explained that because of where they live and the weather conditions is serious business everyone pulls together. It does not matter what you do for a living or what you have. We were amazed because you know most people are into themselves. It gives us a different reality of life. When we needed to change buses the driver phoned ahead to the next bus and had him wait for us. Try that in SF. All the bus drivers knew their riders and where their stops were. We were able to see the campus of the University of AK @ Anchorage. It really was beautiful. Can you believe that almost every home/apartment has a river, creek or forest behind it. But wait there is a moose to go with that forest. A moose is bigger than a horse and can out run a horse. Oh my! People on the bus told us that you really have to be careful because mooses can be dangerous when they are scared. So they always are on the look out when they are outside. Boy, those mooses better be glad they live in Alaska because my folk in Cally would have them BBQ and served for dinner. We were invited to Ms Fran's house for sabbath dinner. She is from the islands but just moved back to Anchorage from Georgia. It was good to have a "down home" meal. That's right Mac & cheese, rice and beans and greens. It really hit the spot. Felt like a little piece of heaven. I was able to spend time with her teenage foster girls. It was good to find out what kids are like in different areas. It is good to see God working in those young lives. There is a Samoan group lead by a guy name Erick. They sung for the final meeting. These young people can sing.We also got a chance to meet Pastor T's cousin. Heis the Union prez. I got a chance to me real Eskimo. Her name is Darlene Heckler. She came to the finally night in her full Eskimo native costume. Unbelievable work on the outfit.

After the meeting we said good bye to our new friends.We drove around Anchorage one last time. We went into the hills and got some amazing shots. The houses in this area made us think of the Berkeley hills.

We are leaving for Seward tomorrow.

Question of the day - What year and date did AK join the union?

Lo's bus rider

Gayle Jones Murphy
Darlene Heckler

Samonan Choir

Keep the light burning for us Lo & Bren

Monday, June 11, 2012

Achorage in the daylight

Hello Trackers:

June 6 – Today is a travel day.  Before we got started, Lo decided he did not like how the right tow bar was still a little crooked. So….. He decided he would straighten it. With what you ask???? Well he used the car jack and the left tow hitch. Only he would think of this. Even the mosquitoes could not stop his quest. But it seems to satisfy him. And we were on our way. The drive was very scenic and rainy. Lots of snow on the mountains and lots of snowy rivers. We arrived in the great city of Anchorage. It was still very rainy but a beautiful day. We stopped at our favorite hotel, but there were no vacancies. However, were had our trusty maps that showed all of the state parks. So we left the Hilton 4 (our motorhome) at the hotel and went to find the best park. We found a great park. The Eagle River Park. The only bad thing is you can only state 4 days. We need to be in Anchorage for 11 days since we are going to the campmeeting. This campmeeting is a little different, as the Voice of Prophecy is helping to put it on and it is at the Egan Convention Center. Since it was so beautiful with a running river and it had a bike path that ran along the highway, we decided to stay the 4 days and play it by ear. We decided to pick our camp site. We drove around the camp site 4 times just collecting site numbers to narrow it down. I know the campers probably thought we were stalking them. As soon as we picked our camp site out, the man next to our site came to give us tips on what to do. He said not to worry he would make sure no one else got our spot while we went to go get the motorhome. His name was Jim. He so reminded us of our friend Jim Resseger that we felt right at home. (Our Jim has a lot more hair.) Of course Jim and Lo hit it off. They both love to talk. After we sat up the site, had dinner at a great Mexican cantina I decided it had been a long day and turned in. Lo stayed and talked to Jim & Kathy over the camp fire.

June 7 – Anchorage – We decided to tour the city and find out where the convention center was located. Of course we went to the Visitors Center to glean info and maps. Well we were in luck. The convention center and the visitor center are right behind each other. The center was housed in an original log cabin with grass growing on top. Did you know the same earthquake that destroyed Valdez hit Anchorage minutes later? We toured the federal building and saw a video of the destruction. It destroyed most of the buildings downtown. It took several years to rebuild due to weather. Downtown sits on a hill. It overlooks Cooks Inlet. Our friend Mary Jane told us we had to go to the Ulu Factory. Now, ya’ll know cooking is not my thing and kitchen “gadgets” well let’s just say give me a good book instead. But, we promised we would go and we did. We actually had a good time. We took time to watch fishermen on the river who seem to catch nothing. But hey, it is salmon season. We went back to our camp site and the neighbor invited us to their camp fire. Boy, the mosquitoes saw fresh meat and swarmed like a rat on cheese. Our spray was hardly working. Jim gave us a can of EcoSmart. It smelled good and kept the little buggers away. We need a case of this stuff.

Question of the day – What magnitude of an earthquake is the Alaskan Pipeline designed to with stand? Well look it up and let me know your answer.

June 8 – Lo got out early and decided to take a walk to the river. He saw where a bear had clawed a tree and decided that maybe the walk could wait and since he did not know how “fresh” passing had been. We decided to take advantage of the bike path and ride our bikes. Well, we were told that a moose and bear had been seen that morning in the area so we decided to drive the car to a few exit down and ride along the fenced area. This is good and bad. The good, the path is fenced and in front of the Army and Air Force Base. The bad, it is along the freeway with only grass between you. How bad could it be when we saw others walking, riding and running on the path. Well were are adventurous and decided to ride. I thought a good ride would be 5 miles total. The path was deceiving. It looked pretty flat. When we started up the first little stretch I thought no problem. You are just a little out of shape. I looked back and Lo was keeping right up so I thought it must just be me who was tired and kept going. We stopped at a river to check it out.  When we got to the 2.5 mile I asked him was he ready to go back. He said he could have gone back after the first ¼ mile. Now, I had to stop and look at him crazy and asked why he didn’t say something. He said, “I know you really wanted to ride today”. Lord, take me to my happy place. We finally got back to the car. Thank you Jesus. The butt is tingly. We will ride again. We decided to drive to the Alaska conference office to see where it is located. It is usually closed on Fridays but the door was opened. I went in and got a chance to meet Brenda Johnson. She is the lady I had been corresponding with when we decided to come to campmeeting. We talked about where to stay. She said some where going to stay at the church next door (Hillside SDA) and invited us stay there. We continued are drive around town. We went back to the Ulu Factory because we needed to buy our son Alex one of those “gadgets” since he loves to cook. After I found that gadget, I looked for Lo. Found him with the owner of the store, behind the counter looking at the machinery. That man loves any kind of machinery. After leaving the store we checked out the fishermen again and still nobody had caught anything. Where were those salmons?? We found another bike path and Lo had the nerve to say “maybe we should get the bikes out.” I looked at him and said “maybe we should just walk”. After some thought we walked. There was no way I was getting on that bike again that day. The path would be good for another day. We drove back to camp for a good night sleep.

June 9 – Today is Sabbath. We said goodbye to Jim & Kathy as they are leaving to return home. They just live in Eagle River and go camping every chance they get. (Usually every weekend.) We had a good time in church. Dwight Nelson from the Pioneer Church in Michigan was the speaker. His sermon was very good. It was good to see him person. I usually watch him on TV Sabbath morning before I go to our church. We packed a lunch, but were told that there was a potluck in the park. We went and the people were friendly. We met people from Florida and all over AK. There was a good musical program called The Family Reunion. There was all kind to great music. The evening meeting was with Derek Morris. I got an email from my sister Rita saying she had seen the church program and was looking for us in the audience. Sorry they did not pan us.

June 10 – We had to move the Hilton 4 today and took it to the church. We met the head deacon Steve and his wife Connie. Of course Lo found someone to talk to. Connie and I had a something in common. She is in insurance. We chatted for awhile. We were told about the Farmers Market that is downtown. It was right behind the Egan center, it really is a “flea market”. But it had lots of crafts and some good food items. They had salmon and moose cooked any way you liked it. We visited the statehood monyment. We went to the afternoon meeting about Mad about Marriage. Mike & Gayle Tucker are giving a funny seminar about marriage. Like they said it takes two to make a marriage work. Jon Henderson, from our local Oakland Grand Avenue church, gave an awesome sermon on Experiencing God’s Presence. He really brought home that we need to deal with God in some quite time. It was good to see Jon again. We got to meet Gayle Murphy Jones. She is the musician for the week. She really has a great voice and is an unbelievable piano player. We also met the host of the series George Johnson. He knows some of the youth directors we know. On our way out we met Ruth Desanto. She is from Boston. We were talking about the sun and how long it stays up. We are both looking for that “dark time”.

Question of the day – How many hours does the sun stay up in AK on June 21? Well look it up and let me know your answer.

Until next time Trackers. Keep a light burning for us.

Lo & Bren

P.S. Rita your answer was correct on the Valdez question.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Hello Trackers:

June 3 – Today is a travel day. We have seen wild horses and mooses on the roads. A lot the roads are being worked on. Traveling is slow. Lots of gravel sections. We camped at Lake Creek campground. As, always when we stop, we checkout all the vehicles to make sure all is well. Oh no, the car tow bar hitch is bent. Since we are in the middle of nowhere we decided keep looking at it when we start again.

June 4 – We crossed into Alaska this morning. It is so good to be back on US soil. We can use real dollars to buy stuff. We drove for an hour and Lo decided the tow bar was getting more bent. So we unhooked the car and I drove it to Tok. We found a shop that could fix the tow bar. The service guy told Lo they see a lot of this problem. He stated that “ya came from Beaver Creek didn’t ya”. We said yes. He stated he sees this all of the time. He told us that we were one of the “Lucky Ones”. Some people actually lose their tow vehicles in that stretch. We were only going 40 MPH. Could highway signs not be put up as a warning???  I can imagine the tow bar breaking and seeing our car in the front us with no one in it. That would have been a nightmare. God is really good. We stayed at the Porcupine campground.

June 5 – Valdez - We took a trip to Valdez. It is nice and sunny. Glacier on one side and snow capped mountains on the other. The drive was very beautiful. This is a little fishing town. We were told that the boat from the show the “Biggest Catch” is docked here occasionally. It is also the end of the AK pipeline. Of course we stopped into a museum. It was the Jessie & Maxine Whitney Museum. Amazing what two people can collect. Maxine would travel the small villages and trade items for her gift shop. Her collection really gives ideas of how the real natives of AK live. We stopped for lunch at the Best Western Hotel. (It was supposed to be the best food around.) Got a hear full from the young waitress. She stated she only had 7 more days in Valdez. She was moving to Vegas. She had been in Valdez for 4 years and had to go where there was “action” and no snow. Valdez normally gets 350 inches of snow yearly. But this year it was 450 inches. I will not complain about our weather again. Looking at some of the people was interesting. Most of the people could use a good tanning bed. Boy I have never seen such paleness. We took a tour of the town. Again I was taking pics. Lo decided we could get closer to the water. He drives right to the edge. I asked him was he going in the water or what. He said, “You wanted closer pics. I am just getting you closer”.  Did he not learn anything from our dirt road situation the other day??? Go to my Happy place. We went to where the original town used to be. Very little is there. On March 27, 1964 an earthquake lasting 4 minutes struck 45 miles west of Valdez. It created tremendous waves that wash away Valdez. I remember this happening as a teen. We all thought CA was going to be next. This is also the city where on March 24, 1989, the tanker Exxon Valdez struck a reef and caused the biggest oil spill in North America. If I were citizen of Valdez, I would always be leery of the month of March. We left Valdez for the return trip back to our campsite at Dry Creek campground. We had to pass Horseshoe and Bridal Falls. It was amazing to see 3 powerful waterfalls at once. God really created this beautiful land.

Question of the day – What was the magnitude of the earthquake that created an underwater landside that washed away Valdez? Well look it up and let me know your answer.

Until next time Trackers. Keep a light burning for us.

Lo & Bren

P.S. I heard from some of you that your comments and answers to the questions are not being posted. Just email your answer and I will respond.  Bren

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hello Trackers;

Update to May 31. We went to a veggie/vegan restaurant called Ruby’s. The owner of the restaurant won the Vegetarian Time “Reader’s Choice Award” for best food. So we decided to try the food. Now ya’ll know how picky I am about food.  I looked over the menu and knew I was in trouble. They had 8 types of rice, lasagna, curry, etc. Lo ordered the lasagna and soup.

Well I know I had to protect my colon after being in the hospital last year. Sooo, I decided to just have the chicken nuggets. The owners decided that I should try the soup so she sent me a complimentary bowl. Ya’ll know I only eat Campbell’s (just only Campbell’s) chicken noodle soup. (I pick the chicken out). I looked at it and thought how do I say no politely. Well, I looked at Lo and he said, just try a spoonful. I did and it wasn’t bad. I ate ½ the bowl and I was done. It tasted like beef and barley soup and potatoes. (Ya’ll know I don’t like potatoes.) After a while we were the only people in the restaurant so (I did my Nita Balousek thing) and started talking to the waiter. Found out he was the husband to the owner. I asked him why the restaurant was not open on Saturday and Sundays. He explained that they were 7th Day Adventist. We smiled and told him we were to. His name was Mr. Peter. He went and got his wife, Ms. Ruby. We chatted for a while and we told them we had planned to be at church. They promised to see us there.

June 1 – Skagway - We decided to drive to Skagway for the day. Boy what an adventure. The weather was sunny and the scenery was just like on the postcards. Big snow capped mountains. Frozen and unfrozen lakes and rivers. We arrived in Skagway and guess who was there??? The Princess & Carnival cruise ships going to Alaska. So this little town turned into 4,000+ people all trying to shop. The downtown is only 6 blocks long. And I mean 6 tiny blocks. Well, Lo and I have taken many cruises, so we knew how to maneuver in town. We went to all the places that gave out freebies. (i.e. the whales tale, totem pole and train charms). If we were asked if we were part of the cruise we said no just vacationing. The shops really don’t care. They just want you in the store. We wandered though all the shops. We decided to skip the brothel tour. I was not giving them $20.00 bucks to tour “upstairs rooms”. We visited the Klondike Museum, watch a short movie on the great Klondike gold rush at the Klondike Gold Rush National Park Visitor Center. Did you know the gold rush only lasted 2 years (1898 – 1900)? Did you know that Skagway was the first incorporated city in AK? We visited the White Pass & Yukon train station and saw a short video on how the train took passenger from Skagway to Whitehorse. On our trip back to Whitehorse we saw 3 Grizzly bears and one car accident. (nobody was hurt). I was taking pictures of the mountains and the lake when Lo decided he could get us closer pics. He turns off the highway onto this one way in and one way out dirt road. I am looking at him like what the ???? Did we not just see a bear a couple of miles back and you are turning on a dirt road to get closer pics???? We did get great pics but like my YaYa sister Tatiana says, “I had to go to my happy place” to not be afraid the bear would be around the next turn.  We made it back safely to the motorhome and called it a night. Well the sun did not set until 11:17 PM but we turned in early.

Question of the day – How many people really live in Skagway Well look it up and let me know your answer.

June 2 – Happy Birthday Rita T. – This is our last day in Whitehorse. We went to church in Porter Creek. It is a little burg of Whitehorse. The service was really good. We were invited by several people to stay for potluck. Remember Ms. Ruby and Mr. Peter? Well, Ms. Ruby was not feeling well so she did not come to church. However, she had Mr. Peter invite us to their home. She laid out a wonderful spread of food. (I was able to eat since she now knew how picky I am.) We got a chance to meet her 2 daughters. Antoinette owns a Caribbean restaurant right next door to her mom’s restaurant. Marva was visiting from Ontario. Hello, Marva is just as picky in food as I am so we really bonded. Ms. Ruby and Antoinette live next door to each other. We had a great time and heard many stories of Ms. Ruby and Mr. Peter’s adventures. They have lived in many places and countries. (i.e. Paris, Venezuela, Guyana, Ontario just to name a few.) She is from Trindad-Tobogo. He is from Martinique. She is 77 and he is 83. They have been married 35 years. He has 6 kids and she had 2.

We decided to drive around Whitehorse for one last look. We went to the airport and saw that in 1946 the US turned over the Canadian portion of the AK highway to Canada. Happy trails Whitehorse.

Question of the day – What does the Whitehorse airport use as their weather vane? Well look it up and let me know your answer.

Until next time Trackers. Keep a light burning for us.

Lo & Bren