Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hello Trackers:
June 17 – Today is a travel day. We decide to go the Famers Market one more time. It was not as many vendors out due to it being Fathers Day. We decided to go to the airport to see what it was like. It is the size of the Oakland Airport. We toured the area of the Aviation Museum and the Seaplane base. These are amazing aircraft that take you anywhere there is water or land.

We bid adieu to Anchorage and head toward Seward. Lo said Seward was only 70 miles away and we decided not to hook up the car since we were only going to drive to a camp ground that was 40 miles before Seward. As we travel the roads we again have the snow capped mountains on one side and lakes on the other side. The drive was breath taking. As we were driving I am thinking this sure is a long 30 miles. We finally see a sign that says Seward is 87 more miles. I am asking what the?????? What happen to the 70 miles total??? Lo pulls over and ask the same question. Did we miss something? The map he saw was in correct. It is 126 miles from Anchorage. Oh well. The drive is beautiful and peaceful. AK does not have mileage signs like Cally. We pulled in the Quartz Creek Campground. It is on Lake Kenai. It is a state park so we get 50% discount each night. Boy, sometimes it pays to be an old geezer. Of course we have to drive around the loops to find a site. Since I am in the car I get the site hunt job. I find a spot. Put the tag as occupied on the site and go get Lo and the Hilton4. Why is it, by the time I get back a black SUV is in our spot. I look at the lady. She looks at me and says "the park ranger told her this spot was open”.  I tried to be nice and ask did she see the occupied sign. She looked at me like so.  Again she says “the park ranger said it was open”. Well, by now I am getting a little annoyed. I point behind me and asked if she sees the motorhome behind me. She looked and said “the park ranger says it is open”. So, I start to get out of the car. (I almost took my earrings off and greased my face. Ya’ll from the hood know what that means.)  I was just going to ask her politely to move. She thought she had better just move her car and took off. Once we settled in, we took a walk round the campground. There was another state campground just 3 miles down the road. We decided to get in the car and see what is was like. We drove for ever on this “dirt road”. It has so many pot holes that we had a hard time getting in. The sites were not worth the trip. Later, I got a call from Lani Girl. She just got to Disneyland and planned to have a good time. Happy Fathers Day to All.  We decided to call it a day.

June 18 – We decided we had no rush to be anywhere today so we stayed around the campground. We thought about getting the bikes out but saw black clouds and decided we would just take a walk. We walked along the lake. The waves were really roaring and thought we had better head for the Hilton4. Before we could get back to road it started to pour. These AK rains are no joke. They come pretty fast. We had to stand under a tree to try to wait the heavy down pour out. Two things came to mind. 1- Jesus on the boat when the storm came up on the lake. The water was calm then roaring. 2- Hiding our light under a bush. Both of these thoughts let me know that Jesus is still in control no matter what happens. We finally got back. A little soaked but the walk did us good. After a nap and the rains cleared, we finished our walk and mapped out tomorrows day. The one thing I really like about this campground was the campers leave old life jackets at the boat launch so no kid will on the water without one. What a great way to protect the kids.

Lo got a chance to speak with his brother Sparky (Glen). All is well.

Rita you are correct in your answer.

Question of the day – Which state is bigger Texas or AK? Well look it up and let me know your answer.

Until next time Trackers. Keep a light burning for us.

Lo & Bren


  1. Oooh, Bren, do NOT have to look up the answer to THAT question! Alaska, of course!

    Now, question for you: do you know what a Mercator Projection Map is? Well, it's the reason everybody things Alaska is so small, and doesn't understand how huge Africa and South America are. I don't know WHY we keep on using it, it's so inaccurate.

    Glad you all are having fun, and that you didn't have to beat that poor woman. ;)

  2. (meant to say "thinks" in that previous comment - that's what typing with the keyboard in your lap will get you)

  3. Gorgeous pictures, and I agree with DTM - DEFINITELY Alaska.