Sunday, June 17, 2012

Anchorage. Away my Friends

Hey AK Trackers:

June 11 - 16 - we have spend these days in Anchorage @ the AK camp meeting. It has been fun and great meeting new people. We have met people who are willing to share their talents, great seminar knowledge and great sermons. We have really gotten to know several people. I know I have mention that there is a musician Gayle Jones Murphy here. Over this past week he have gotten to know her and her husband Murph. They are from Nashville. This woman can play anything on the piano and has the most awesome voice. Every evening she wows us with her music. Of course I had to buy her CD.  We met David Glenn and his wife Kia. He was head sound guy. We found out that he knew a lot of people we knew from the Bay Area. He use to go to the Elmhurst church. We met Manny who was working with David. Of course Lo took him under his wings to teach him about life and what to look for in a potential wife. We also met George Johnson, head of the GC Commincation dept. He kept us laughing. We were able to have "Face Time" with my sister Rita and Chad. It was good to "see" someone from home. I got a pic from our Lani Girl. She graduated from her gym class. Of course we has to take time to tour the city. We can be real tour guides. Now you know Lo had to do his "tour the city to see where real people live". It was interesting. We met a young on the streets who took us to the transit station to buy a ticket. He told us he had family in Willits and was thinking about going there but he had to wait " until he got off probation". We did not ask him for what. But we kind of got the hint. We got on the bus and Lo got in a conversation with the bus driver. He was from Virginia. He asked us did we notice how friendly everyone was. We said yes. He explained that because of where they live and the weather conditions is serious business everyone pulls together. It does not matter what you do for a living or what you have. We were amazed because you know most people are into themselves. It gives us a different reality of life. When we needed to change buses the driver phoned ahead to the next bus and had him wait for us. Try that in SF. All the bus drivers knew their riders and where their stops were. We were able to see the campus of the University of AK @ Anchorage. It really was beautiful. Can you believe that almost every home/apartment has a river, creek or forest behind it. But wait there is a moose to go with that forest. A moose is bigger than a horse and can out run a horse. Oh my! People on the bus told us that you really have to be careful because mooses can be dangerous when they are scared. So they always are on the look out when they are outside. Boy, those mooses better be glad they live in Alaska because my folk in Cally would have them BBQ and served for dinner. We were invited to Ms Fran's house for sabbath dinner. She is from the islands but just moved back to Anchorage from Georgia. It was good to have a "down home" meal. That's right Mac & cheese, rice and beans and greens. It really hit the spot. Felt like a little piece of heaven. I was able to spend time with her teenage foster girls. It was good to find out what kids are like in different areas. It is good to see God working in those young lives. There is a Samoan group lead by a guy name Erick. They sung for the final meeting. These young people can sing.We also got a chance to meet Pastor T's cousin. Heis the Union prez. I got a chance to me real Eskimo. Her name is Darlene Heckler. She came to the finally night in her full Eskimo native costume. Unbelievable work on the outfit.

After the meeting we said good bye to our new friends.We drove around Anchorage one last time. We went into the hills and got some amazing shots. The houses in this area made us think of the Berkeley hills.

We are leaving for Seward tomorrow.

Question of the day - What year and date did AK join the union?

Lo's bus rider

Gayle Jones Murphy
Darlene Heckler

Samonan Choir

Keep the light burning for us Lo & Bren

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  1. Oh, FINALLY an easy question I can get!! It was 1959, same year as Hawaii. I always remember that because it was ten years after my mother was born. January 3 is the day.

    *score for me!!!* (like anyone cares.)

    I hope you're bringing some of these people back to PH for visits and vespers!! It's always funny how small the Adventist world is - you meet someone who knows someone else, and it's six degrees of separation! ☺