Thursday, June 21, 2012

Moose or not to Moose that is the question

Hello Trackers:

June 19 – Seward – We drove to Seward today. It is actually a sunny day. But to us Cally born it was still cold. Will we ever be able to get out of our jackets? I think not. The drive was again beautiful. More road work being done because the winter storms created rock slides. Of course we found the Visitors Center to get the low down on the town. Seward is a typical seaport town. It is all about the fish and glaciers. Lucky for us no cruise ship in port so we had the town all to ourselves. We cruised the town. Downtown was only 3 blocks long. We went to the Alaska Sea Life Center. That was fun. They had huge windows. It was fun to watch huge Sea Lions swim to the window. All they wanted to do was play. You moved, they moved. We got a chance to see real puffins and octopus. Later in the day we went to Exit Glacier. We took a guided walking tour to the glacier. It is amazing how the glaciers are formed. Ice on ice. Of course we were also on the lookout for bears. You never know when or where they will be. None today. We were told interesting things about the plants. What we thought was a squash leaf looking plant was really called a Pushky. In Russian it means little cannon. It produces oil when you touch it. It makes you sensitive to ultra violet. Hello that is sun light. Even if you get it on your clothes and try to washout you have to be extra careful. Another plant they have is called the Devils Thorns or Cows Parsnips. It looks smooth on one side and thorny on the other. The thorns really dig in. Did you know moose’s eat up on a tree? Why you may ask. They have no top teeth. We decided to head back. We were debating on going to dinner or just cooking at home. We decided to just go cook. So…We found Safeway. Yes Safeway is pretty big in AK. Sometimes it is called CARRS. (I think Safeway is slowly buying them out.) Well anyway, I got the groceries and almost fell out with the bill. It was $65.00. I bought a cabbage that cost $5.00. I tried to get the smallest one. I got bananas that were $1.69 lbs., tomatoes $5.49 lbs. and other little items. OK where is that Costco!!! Where is my Pleasant Hill Produce store? Lo stated we are going to eat every bite of that cabbage. None of this food will go to waste for sure.

 Question of the day – Moose are called ______ of the Forest? Well look it up and let me know your answer.

June 20 – We decided to laze around the campground. Lo decided he needs to play MacGyver and build a part to the sewer pipe he had been thinking about. He got the parts while we were in town yesterday. Of course he had to check it out at the dump site. We will see how well it works when we leave tomorrow. It is overcast day as usual. We got the bikes out and rode around the area. We rode to the main highway and explored many ways to get to the lake. We also found an airstrip that had several bush planes. We stopped by the Alaskan Horsemen Trail Adventures to watch a group come in from a long trail ride. I never thought a Clydesdale horse would be a trail horse. We spoke with several tourist and trail hands. Is no one from AK? We decide to keep on riding to the other campground we found on Sunday. It was a good ride until we saw something on the road ahead of us. We could only see the back of it. So we stopped way back. It turned out to be a moose. He looked at us. We stood still and looked at him. We both looked at each other like you move first. Luckily, a truck came by heading toward the moose. Moose went into trees. There was no way were going to continue down that road. We could not turn those bikes around fast enough. We decided it was time to go home. I got a chance to speak with Serena today. It was good to hear from family.  I decided today we were going to have some of that cabbage. It tasted really good.

Question of the day – Moose antlers weight how many lbs? Well look it up and let me know your answer.

Until next time Trackers. Keep a light burning for us.

Lo & Bren


  1. Oooh, the sea life center! We wanted to go, but didn't have time (the cruise just dropped us off there, to return to the airport).

    That's a fabulous picture of the Auk! Well done!

    Glad you guys are having fun. It's cool here (high 60's) - where is that California heat?! Feels like Scotland (on a warm day)!

  2. Uh-UH, you would not be getting me that close to a moose. You all need some of the playing cards we used to strap to the wheels of our bikes when we were little, so that they make that little flapping sound. A mammal needs to know when you're coming down the trail and get back!!

    Um... are moose the GIANTS of the forest? And their antlers are about fifty-sixty pounds, I think.