Wednesday, July 16, 2014


July 13

Hey there Campers;

What a grand sunny day. We said farewell to Acadia National Park.  We are heading to Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Campobello. As we rolled along the highway, we passed the city where the wreaths are made to put on soldiers graves. What a humbling sign. I hope we all appreciate what soldiers put on the line for our freedom.

No matter what city we come to there will always be the church that stands tall.

Ok you flea market folk. There was a flea market on the highway route. Nothing will stop those bargain hunters.

Did you know that Lubec, ME is the easternmost town in America??

We crossed over to Canada on the FDR bridge and arrived in New Brunswick. Of course you know we stopped at the Visitor's Center to get info.

It was kind of weird looking over the water and seeing America. Just crossing over the bay added another time zone (Atlantic Standard Time) which is an hour ahead.

We stayed at Herring Cove which is a Provincial Park. This would be equivalent to our state parks. But they have hook ups with electric.

After we got settled we decided to take a tour our the Island. The whole island is only 10 miles long. We went to 2 lighthouses. Mulholland Point and East Quoddy Head. The East Quoddy head light house was very interesting. You had to climb down rusting steep stairs, climb over rocks that were covered with sea weed, pray that the tide is out to walk on the sand to climb another rusting stairs. Lo looked at me and said no way was either of us going there. Trust me. I did not even consider this option. The posted sign was enough to keep me away. I will get my last lighthouse option for my honor at another one.

The drive around the island was colorful and rugged.

Of course you know Lo found people to talk to. This couple is from Maine and come to the island often. They told us we had to be sure to have Tea with Eleanor while at Campobello.

Campobello was hit hard by Hurricane Arthur last week. There were many down trees. Some people just got their lights back on Friday July 11. There are only 970 people living on the island. There is not a gas station on the island. They must go to Maine to get gas.

It started to get cold, windy and foggy. Hmmmm. This reminds us of home. Good old San Fran. We headed back to the Hilton. Had dinner and watched the movie RED. If you have not seen this movie rent it. It is a Bruce Willis movie about a "old" retired CIA agents. Hecka funny.

Question of the Day

What is the western most town in America? You will be surprised

Well, until the next time Campers......

Lo & Bren

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  1. We have good and dear friends in both Maine and New Brunswick, so I wave in their general direction! I just love all of those lighthouses; we should do a road trip up there someday...

    Meanwhile! The westernmost town in the U.S. is Cape Wrangell, Alaska.