Tuesday, July 8, 2014


July 2

Hey there Campers;

Today is a mild day. Not to hot or too cold and not too muggy. This was great because I had to stand in line to get discount tickets for the theater. This is why we came back to NYC this year. I was determined to see a NYC show. It is on my bucket list.

Since the how did not start until 2:00 Pm, we decided to go to the Met. After getting off the subway we had to walk 5 blocks. We were stopped as a movie was being film in Central Park. It is called Sleeping with Others. No we did not see anyone famous. But that is ok.

We continued our walk to the Met. Upon arriving we got to hear a group that could really sing old tunes.

There was a great Egyptian exhibit there.

We were fortunate to tag along with a guided tour group. The lecture was Prof Michael Wittingslow. He gave us great tips on how to know if a hieroglyph was a person or god. He said to always look at the head. If there is a halo around the head in any form it was considered a god or spirit.

The group we were tagging along with were Jehovah Witnesses from the islands. So they were very much into the Christianity. A lot of the myths are very much like Christianity. the professor gave the text of 1 Tim 4:1 and Gen 6. This was about Angels being on the earth prior to sin. (Now you know I had to check it out and the bible does say this.) Legal documents were written in demotive script on papyrus. Hieroglyphics on walls were more art. The papyrus shown in the picture talks about 7 good years and 7 years of famine. We all know that comes from the story of Joseph. This just goes to show others how the bible is true.

The detail art work on the mummies were stunning.

We continued on to a fashion exhibit.
 There was room after room filled with every kind of art and crafts. The master art was so amazing you just had to sit and ponder on it.


We had to leave earlier than I would like but we had a show to see. On the subway there was an unusual ad. It said Costco would bring stuff to your house if you order on line. Sure is funny they don't do this in Cally. It is only for business.

We had a few mishaps on the subway getting to the show. Mishaps like taking the wrong train. Getting off the right train at the wrong stop. Was I frustrated? WELL, heck yeah. This was my chance to see a New York play. My honey fixed everything and we were only 2 minutes late.

We saw Lady Day at the Emerson Bar & Grill. The show was based on the last performance of Billie Holiday's life. Audra McDonald (you may know her the being on TV series The Practice) deserved that 6th Toni Award. The only word I can say is brilliant. She had the voice and moves and singing of Billie down pat. This was worth waiting in line for.

We walked passed Radio City Music Hall. We were too late for the tour. So we decided to go to the Top of the Rock. It is located in Rockefeller Center. Which houses NBC broadcasting. It was an observation deck where one could see the whole NYC. You can a simulated view of what the workers saw when they were building the skyscrapers. You started with a 4 minute movie on how the Rockefeller tree is picked.

It was sort of freaky. The top of the elevator was a glass ceiling.

There are 3 levels that give you a panoramic view of the city. Just as we leaving the attendant told us they were shutting down the levels as lighting was just beginning to strike. He also said a storm was heading to NYC. We decided to forgo going to dinner and headed back to New Jersey.


You know the commercial of the police officer acting like a matador? Well, Jersey has cops in the middle of the street directing traffic. Talk about a dangerous job.

As we were walking back to the Hilton, we could see the storm brewing. We finally reach the Hilton and you can see Lady Liberty in the harbor. We were not home 10 minutes and the rain came. It was so bad that our phones kept beeping about emergency alerts.

Question of the Day

Can you name a show that is filmed at Rockefeller Plaza?

Well, Until the next time Campers...

Lo & Bren


  1. Ooh - I've heard about that Billie Holiday show. I'm so glad it was worth the aggravation of getting on the wrong train!!!

    Send some of your rain over here...