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July 20

Hey there Campers;

The weather is holding and out and it is a gorgeous day. As we travel down the highway we run into a machine that we still have not figured out what it did. We think it could be a sprayer because of the tank.

We decided yesterday we would go to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum in Baddeck. It is pretty quaint town.

The grounds were very well kept looking over the harbor.

Was a multi-inventor and a lover of children. Was born March 3, 1847. Died Aug 12, 1922.

We took the "white glove tour".  This gave us the previous of exactly handling items that Bell worked on. They had his real coat. Real journal.

He had many items that were tagged for experiments. What experiments no one knows. Of course Lo knew what the item was and what it was suppose to do.

This is a kite string holder. Bell was friends with Helen Keller. One time with Bell, he had her fly a kite. She told him his line was too light for the kite. He told her she was wrong. The string broke. He told her that she was the official kite flyer. How did she know this without seeing? As a blind person feeling is like reading a book.


This is one of the first record recording. Of course it cannot be played since it is very fragile. The first person to use a flat recording was Bell. He recorded sound on wax cylinder. Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. It made a great sensation, but it only lasted a short time. The records were short and wore out and the quality was poor. Bell's graphophone was a great success and the fore runner the record industry. After a while Bell lost his interest in this experiment and move on. Gave his info to Edison. If you go Ytube website for the Smithsonian you can hear what Bell said.

Bell was very good about putting documentation on the back of an item. This is an experiment of how air flow around and object.

This breathing apparatus is the for runner of CPR. It is bellows that put on a person to revive them after a water injury such as drowning. It was very cumbersome. It worked because they had to use it on a child of an employee who drown. The machine was able to revive him. His daughter thought there had to be another way to make a smaller version. She made one that was like a jacket. She had no one to test it on. One day a sheep fell in the water. It was thought to be dead. She put it in her life jacket and revived it. Our tour guide was a descendent of John McCurdy who help work on the breathing experiments.

Many Items were seen behind the sheets. We were allowed to touch some of the item.
This was the hydrofoil Bell was making to help the US in WWI. Unfortunate by the time he got it ready the war was over. Bell never rode in it because it was too loud. His wife did because she was deaf. Mabel really love riding in the vehicle.

Casey Baldwin worked very closely with Bell on most of his experiments. He was elected to Nova Scotia Legislature. He helped establish Cape Breton Highland Nation Park.

Bell really want to fly. Bells wife Mabel, formed a Aerial Experiment Association. This was Bell's chance to continue on working on aircraft experiments. This was the fore runner of the Canadian Air.

Bell spent a lot of time on kites because it help him to develop a safe flying machine.

He used his servants to help with experiments.

·        Bell from a young boy in Scotland, had a interest in natural sciences
·      Bell moved to Ontario, CN after two brothers died from tuberculosis and he was sickly. His health improved.
·         Father devised universal phonetic alphabet called Visible Speech.
·    High school years were not great but stayed a year with his grandfather who was a celebrated professor of elocution and speech therapy. It changed his life.
·     Bell began teaching deaf students at Warwick Gardens school in London. He felt this was his life's work.

·      Mable Hubbard was a private deaf students of Bells. She was 15 years old. She was deaf from scarlet fever at 5 years old.
·         Married Mabel Hubbard July 11, 1877. 

·         Dr. Bell had a scientific interest in the field of genetics.

·         Bell designed a form of air condition for his home
·         Spent 18 years in court defending his claim as the inventor of the phone
·         Bell felt one of the most important phases of creative process was planning
·         Develop a 70 foot tetrahedral observation tower 

·         Mabel was participated in Bells experiments, community activist, gardener

Did you know that Bell became a US citizen in 1882? There are still many descendents of Bell. His family still owns the home called Beinn Bhreagh (Ben Freah). Some family members still are involved in helping the deaf.

We had a good time learning about AG Bell. As we were leaving we checked out the Baddeck Bay light house across the bay. The only way to get to it is by boat.

We got on the road again and proceeded to New Glasgow for the night. Stayed at our regular hotel. Walmart. This is a good chance for me to get out and walk to get my 11,000 steps. It felt great to walk.

Question of the Day
Name one of the many inventions other than the telephone, did Alexander Graham Bell invented?

Well, until the next time Campers......

Lo & Bren


  1. He was a forerunner to helping develop the iron lung from a vacuum jacket respirator. He founded and help finance the National Geographic Society.

  2. (The National Geographic Society!?! Ooh - score, Rita! I did not know that.)