Wednesday, July 16, 2014


July 16,

Hey there Campers;

We awoke to semi sunny skies. We look out the windows and can not see Prince Edward Island. It is dark and cloudy. Good decision to change our plans.

We take one last look at Murray beach before we bid New Brunswick adieu and head to Nova Scotia. Our view is very peaceful and relaxing. What a way to start the day.

The camp host told us to be careful of the roads because they were pretty bad and embarrassing. 

OMG!! What an understatement. The roads were horrific. Some had pot holds you could lose a kid in. It was like riding a stagecoach. We bumpity bumped for many miles until we got to the Nova Scotia border.



It finally cleared on the road to Nova Scotia. From there is was smooth sailing. Of course we stopped at the Visitors Center.  We had most of the information they were giving out so we continue on.

Nova Scotia reminds me of Scotland. Well it should as it was settled by the Scots. The cities had the same names. (i.e. New Glasgow, Londonderry).

We loved the signs of the cities. They all seem to take pride in what they offer.



The countryside is very charming. Even the freeway made you feel as if you were just tooling down the road.

We had a problem trying to figure what the mileage was doing. It kept telling us Cape Breton was only miles away. But all our calculations was stating hundreds of miles away. We finally figured out they were talking about the Island which Cape Breton sits on was only miles away. Ok. you know us literal Americans.

We finally arrive at our destination, the Walmart at Port Hawkesbury for the night.

There is WiFi so I can blog. Life is good.

Question of the Day

Where did Nova Scotia get it's name?  OK Tanita and David. You have an advantage.

Well, until the next time Campers......

Lo & Bren


  1. Tanita, where are you?

    In 1621 King James I of England named the same territory New Scotland (or Nova Scotia, as it was called in its Latin charter) and granted the land to the Scottish colonizer Sir William Alexander.

  2. ::snort::
    OKAY Miss Rita.
    Yep, the answer is in the name: nova is new, Scotia is another Latin name for Scotland, of course.

    Y'all will have to say hello to all my peeps up there; I've been reviewing for a Canadian publishing company WAAAAY up in Halifax, and all of these places are so familiar from novel settings - Cape Breton, New Glasgow... it's really beautiful and SO green. And so rainy. ☺