Friday, July 18, 2014


July 17

Hey there Campers;

Well, we left Port Hawkesbury under overcast skies. Will it or won't it rain. Well, ya just never know.

We crossed the St. Peter's Canal as we travel on our way to Sydney. No this is not in Australia but Nova Scotia. Ok there really is one in Australia, but that will be a later trip.

As we are traveling along, the Hilton starts to sputter. We are going what the heck is this about. So we pull over revive the engine up and pull back in traffic. It starts to do it again and the engine service light comes on. Lo pulls off again. Well it seems the Hilton is not crazy about the Canada gas. It seems ok after as while but we will get it check when we find a real truck area. But for now we travel on.

The scenery is beautiful. It is very much picturesque like the post cards. In some ways it reminds us of traveling down Highway 1 in Cally or Hawaii.

We arrive in Sydney River and leave the Hilton at Walmart. We decided to scout out the local campgrounds and tour the city of Sydney. At the waterfront is the world's largest fiddle. It is 60 feet tall. It is in front of the Sydney Concert Hall.

We crossed over the bridge. These leads to the Cabot trail. Looking back at it made it look like a roller coaster ride. The Sydney is a port town so ships need to be able to pass through.

 After locating several potential campgrounds, we keep touring the area. We see the sign for Louisbourg and decided to drive there. There is suppose to be a Fortress there. It was so fogged in that we decided we will come back tomorrow to tour.

On our way back to the Hilton we got a little lost. Lo is driving and he asking me where to turn. I use the GPS in the car and it becomes worthless. So we keep driving and looking at the map. I would say I got a little frustrated because the Canadians label very little when it comes to street signs. I feel like we are going around in circles. I feel this way because I know we have the same roundabout 2 other times. (Rita, I thought about you and Sparky in Tennessee that time on your vacation when you passed the same house with the same people 4 times looking at you like you were crazy) I throw my hands up and say "pull over". We need to figure this out. So Lo pulls over. He looks at the map (which is not to scale) and found out we were going in the wrong direction. We got turned around and bumped our way home.

We were tired but so glad to see the Hilton, that we decided to stay at Walmart and move tomorrow. It poured down rain in the middle of the night. Yep. Ya never know.

Well, until the next time Campers......

Lo & Bren


  1. Ahhhh . . . I hope you didn't get "gas" but "d i e s e l." Heheheheee. Hopefully it is just he fuel and not anything more serious. Yep, it is a weird feeling when you have seen the same thing multiple times and people begin to wave and you feel like you need to stop and introduce yourself. Hahahahha!!! Happy Sabbath brother and sister.

  2. Oh, the JOY of getting lost when you have GPS AND a map. At least you weren't out in the boonies and the people you kept passing had six dogs, eight kids and two Harleys... that happened to US once. It was a little deep...