Monday, July 21, 2014


July 19

Hey there Campers;

What a beautiful Sabbath morning. I almost wanted to say "the top of the morning to ya". I forgot to tell you the Ice Cream Man strikes again. On our way home last night, somebody wanted ice cream. So a block away from the campground was a place called Lick-a-Chicken. (Sounds like we are in the south huh!!) They also had a ice cream palace called Lick-a-Cream across the street. Ice Cream Man said that it was ok but  not as good as the Rota Farm in South Lancaster. OK Angie & April two points for you.

Our goal today is to make it all the way around Cape Breton on the Cabot Trail. We start by crossing the big bridge with the bump in the middle. You remember the one from yesterday's pictures.

The shore line with the white rock would put you in mind of the White Cliffs of Dover when you travel to England.

There are many beautiful churches even in the small towns. I guess one gets use to the cemetery in the back of the church. Now that is not where I would want to be after dark.

The drive is very peaceful. When we finally got to where the Cape Breton Highlands National Park entrance was we had to pay to get in. Since we are seniors we got in for a discounted price. There are some advantages of getting older. Oh yeah!

 We stopped at Green Cove to see if we could see whales. No luck today. Only birds. The rock of the cove were once hot molten liquid.

While reviewing the park map, I noticed that there was a Red Chair challenge. The park has placed 10 red chair in different locations. The challenge is to find them and put a  picture on Facebook that was taken from the chair location. You cannot tell where the location was. Ya'll know how competitive I can be when faced with a challenge. I was determine to find at least one chair.

The beach can be rockier than what we would  normally see. But there was some sand. We found several beaches. Lots of people were taking advantage of this sunny day and headed to the beach.

While looking over the beach I looked up and saw a red chair on a cliff. I knew I was going to get a picture. Ran back to the car and Lo drove up the hill to find the path. As I was going down the path I noticed a sign that said I was in a Coyote Habitat. Hello they put this chair here because of what??? No matter I still walked on to the cliff. Go my pic and a selfy. Yahooooo!

In Neil Harbor saw another lighthouse and drove to it. What a surprise. They had turned it into a Ice Cream parlor.

Lo decided he wanted to go to Meat Cove. This at the top of the Cape in the Bay of St. Lawrence. The roads were ok but the closer we got it narrowed and unpaved and pure dirt.


You might be a red neck if.......

There even was a campground on the top of the hill. The beach below. Lo said he hoped that Char would put her trailer in the road because there are so many trails for her to hike.


I tell you. People see our license plate and want to ask questions about Cally. It is a good conversation starter.

There is a river that flows to the ocean. The ocean was cold and the river was warm.

Lo found someone to talk to. This guy was from Maryland.

I checked out the ocean.

On the trip back we saw wild horses.

We continued on around the trail.

We saw Emergency Units. This is for the times a storm comes up and you need to take shelter.

Some of the views are vision of loveliness.

There were patterns on different currents in the ocean. These are the riptides.

The park range was showing a whales rove.

Journey around the cape


There was a huge church in Cheticamp.

Sun on the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Over the hill and through the dale.

We drove back to the Hilton and called it a day. Per Lo, Cape Breton has hills & ocean but everything is flat. We decided we'll take Yosemite any day.

Question of the Day
 Who is the Cabot trail named for?

Well, until the next time Campers......

Lo & Bren


  1. It was named after John Cabot a navigator and explorer who first saw Cape Brenton Island on June 23, 1497

  2. Lick-A-Cream, I can see, but I'm still trying to get my head around Lick-A-Chicken. Um, no. Whatever they have there, I don't want it...

    It is so gorgeous there, and how fortunate you are in the weather! It rained for half an hour here this morning!