Wednesday, July 16, 2014


July 12

Hey there Campers;

What a blessed Sabbath day. There isn't a SDA church on the island so we will spend it with nature.  Today is Sharelle and Anita's birthday. We wish both of these grand ladies the best day there ever had.

We start our day off with visiting the Visitors Center for Acadia Nat'l Park. The sign says it is only 52 steps to the center. I tell you, thank the good Lord I have been walking to get healthy because those were steep stairs. But, I did not huff or puff.. Yeahhh.

Acadia is not as intense as our Yosemite, but is has its own beauty.

Yesterday we were told about the Carriage Roads that John D. Rockefeller assisted to bring more travel to the park. There are 45 miles of Carriage Roads. It was truly design for carriages. The park still has limited carriage rides. John S & John T. would be in hog heaven for all the bike routes that can be taken.

We took our bikes out to ride. We started off really good until we ran into the steepest hill on the trail. Well know one told us this was not the best place to start for rookies. We ride on every trip but the ground is normally flat with small inclines. Man. this was straight up. Trust me when I say we did a lot of pushing instead of pedaling.

I have admit the area was very woody and scenic. There was water everywhere

Of course Lo found people to talk to. This guy is from North Carolina. He was here celebrating his 70th birthday.

On the trail we met people who were pushing like us so you get to talk  while commiserating together. Met a Gordon & Sharon from Michigan who comes here every year.

These sign let you know where you are and where you can go. Well it would help if you read the map and not let the squiggly lines on the map fool you to think it is level. HA, HA. Boy did we learn a lesson. I was thinking about Mrs. Tea and her bike riding. I think she has it right. A bigger more comfortable seat is the trick. Got to check this out.

I have to admit we biked and pushed for 12 miles. Yahoo. We got to go back to the Visitors Center as that we were we parked. The good thing about that first hill is we got to speed down it.

After the bike ride we went back home for a snack and decided to take the car out for a tour around the park. We stopped at the Bass Harbor Lighthouse. Just two more lighthouses and I will have completed by honor. Thank you Isaac Chin for nudging me on.

The land around the light house is very rustic. People were climbing down to the shore. I on the other hand know my limitations and the beach was  off the grid for me. You know where Lo was. Yep on the top of the stairs.


We drove on to Cadillac Mountain for the wonderful sunset. The moon was suppose to be its closes to the earth. It is not suppose to happen for another 20 years.  It was quite windy on that hill top.


We headed home had dinner and watch the movie The Butler.

P.S. If you want to do something fun with your kids or just you, get a Passport book from any National Park store and start collecting the different park stamps. The park will have a free stamping for your book. It shows the name of the park and the date you were there. Trust me I keep my passport book with me when I travel.

Question of the Day

What island does Acadia National Park sit on?

Well, until the next time Campers......

Lo & Bren


  1. Mount Desert Island, I believe.

    TWELVE MILES UP HILL!? You Pathfinders are hardcore. It was so pretty -- and you did have all day to do it, but I hope it wasn't too humid. I would have been whining. Stairs, I can take, not so sure about pushing a bike up hill...