Sunday, July 6, 2014


June 26 to June 29

Hey there Campers;

We spent Thursday to Sabbath just chillin' around the house. I tell you Charlene works long and hard. One would think working from home is easy. She is on the phone with her team from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM with a few breaks. Whewwww you go girl. Cairy also put in long hours but in the office. I just want to say this. They are making sure their daughter Catrina is being raised correctly. She and Charlene are leaving next week for a mission trip to Africa. Since she could not work this summer her parents have her volunteering to help stay at home mothers in the church with their kids. This means the mother will get a well deserved break. I think this is a grand idea. More parents should do this because it teaches responsibility and helping others.

All this week Lo has help Charlene with little projects around the house. He fixed the sprinklers, etc. You know he loves using those hands to fix stuff. Charlene is quit handy. We went shopping and found Forever 21. One of my favor stores.

On Friday, it was raining cats and dogs. (Now where did that phrase come from?) It did not stop us from shopping and of course we found the Sam's Club. It must be Friday. (You know I love Costco and Sam's so much that I know the people on the doors and cash register at home. Just saying!!)

On Sabbath we went to church. Cairy and Charlene are part of the Family Ministry team and they had a potluck and meeting at their house. While they were in their meeting we got a chance to reacquaint ourselves with the Lester's good friends Cherylene and Donald Robinson. They are hecka funny and knowledgeable about everything. If you need help they are the ones you.

On Sunday I went for my last 5 mile walk to see the neighborhood for the last time. Charlene fixed a great breakfast of grits and fruit. Ya'll know that I look me some grits. We bid the Lester's adieu.

Cairy told us about a statue dedicated to the slaves who did not leave. So we went to the town of Fort Mills and found it in a small memorial park. It was very interesting statue.

We went to get the Hilton that we left at the Walmart all week. We checked on it every day. We decided to gas up my car Connie before we left the state of South Carolina because gas is $.15 higher in North Carolina. Go figure. The state line is really 400 ft from the gas station. The joke is NC people think SC is backwoods. Hello. Who has cheaper gas, lower taxes and no smog control??

We drove on to Richmond, VA and spent the night at our Walmart hotel.

Well, Until the next time Campers...

Lo & Bren

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  1. Nobody knows where "raining cats and dogs" comes from, but they've got some good guesses - just somebody made it up!