Tuesday, July 8, 2014


July 5

Hey there Campers;

Well, Hurricane Arthur is finally blown out of our lives. Wow. Give me Cally weather any day. It is a beautiful sunny day with a gentle breeze. We walked to church since it was right in front of us.
The church is the Village Church. Atlantic Union College is down the street, but it is currently closed. No one is sure it will open again for business. This is a shame since it is located in a beautiful area and has a lot to offer.

We were greeted by Ann Simon. After chatting for a while I asked her if she knew the Montoya's. She smiled and said she did and would tell them we asked for them. As we were sitting in church Angie's dad, Humberto Montoya came and set with us for church. They had a guess speaker. He was 95 years old. (He had to verify with his wife that was his age). His sermon was right on the mark about 'NO More". Stop saying no more and do something in your life to help others.

He invited us to lunch. We had the best meal that Angie's sister April made. Her boyfriend, Keith, cousin Shannon, husband Gale and their beautiful 1 year old daughter Annaleigh joined us. This was like being at home with the SFC. We had lively debates and a around good time.

We are sorry we did not get to meet Angie's mom as she was out of town.

We returned in the evening to just chill. This was a great Sabbath.

Thank God for all the blessing flowing

Question of the Day
What is the other name for Atlantic Union College?

Well, Until the next time Campers...

Lo & Bren


  1. So many things happened when we were in Scotland - I missed AUC closing. It seems such a shame - a beautiful property and a community all around them, and ... a hole where a school should be. SUCH a shame.