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July 1, continue

Hey there Campers;

We had so much info we decided to break into 2 parts. After having a great time on the Uptown tour, we decided to take the Downtown tour. Did you know that 5th Ave splits NYC in half? East & West. So you have to pay attention when some gives an address. 

Can you imagine the tall glass building (in the middle) is for residents. The penthouse is selling for 19 million. No takers yet since it is not completed. Ah shucks. I thought we could move right in. Yeah right.!!

Tanita and David. I took this pic just for you. It is a foo, foo place that is a natural. I know you would enjoy seeing something healthy in NYC.

Does anybody recognize this building? Yup this is the Spider Man building. It really is the Hearst building.

Carnegie Hall. It is an honor to be asked to play at this facility. Most artist would kill to play here.


Times Square facts:

  • Built in 1904
  • Developed by the New Times Newspaper
  •  Broadway street developed when Indians were there
  • Broadway St. goes the length of the island
  • Times Square ball changes color all day long
  • ABC Studios & GMA (Good Morning America) is home here
  • Times Squares has more advertising in one area than Las Vegas
  •  Selfies can now be send to a vendor and your pic will show up for your 15 seconds of fame
  • Post office in Time Square is open 24/7


New York is famous for unique parked cars. Seems like they park them anywhere. Even on top of each other.


 You cannot go to NYC without seeing Macy's. It is the largest department store in the US. It takes up 1 square block. RH. Macy's use to be a whaler in Nantucket. He had a star tattooed on his arm to remember those days. So he decided to put a star in his name. The Macy's parade is at Herald Square.

The Empire State Building was built in the 1930's. It is a Art Deco style and very eclectic. It only took 14 months to build it. Why so short??? Well is was built during the depression and lots of workers were out of work.  So work went fast with many hands.

 The Flat Iron building was built in 1902. It was the first high rise.

This unique building is call the New School. It is where fashion abounds and home to Project Runway.

We passed through several districts Chelsea, NoHo - North of Houston, SoHo - South Houston. If you want to get into an argument with a native New Yorker, pronounce the Houston incorrectly.  It is not Houston like Texas. It is Houston like House -ton. Get it???

Greenwich Village use to be a manufactures district. But as industries moved and disappeared artist and students were getting away from the high NY rents. So they moved in to the building. This was great. Cheap rent, high ceiling and no walls. This started in the 60's. The buildings are made of cast iron, but the artist could be true artist. OK, I still don't get the blue art with metal sticking out. What does it mean??? I  guess I cannot be an artist. Ya got say it with flair!! ARTIST

In the Tribeca district, (it means Triangle below Canal Street), actor Robert DeNiro help to bring more recognition to this area after 9/11.

The World Trade Center is the 4th tallest building in the world. 104 stories

There are 185,000 high rise style public housing.

This is where they keep the salt for the winter road works. In Cally you know we don't have a barn like this one. Hmmm is this Leslie Salt.

Brooklyn bridge. Built in 1883.One of the oldest bridge in the US. It is the first suspension bridge. No one wanted to cross it after it was completed. People afraid it could not hold weight. P.T. Barnum took several elephants across. That was all the reassurance needed.

1st Avenue is called Hospital Row. Most of the larger hospitals are here. Beth Israel Med, NY Presbyterian is where Dr. Oz practices. Did you know that Bellevue Hospital is more than a place to put your crazy aunt?? It is a full fledge hospital. I guess I have seen to many of the old black and white films where they always said "put them in a straight jacket and take to Bellevue. It was the first hospital to have an ER.

After WWII, they built these apartments for vets to live in. At a very reasonable rate. Since most have died or moved away they have rent for $3,000 a month. There are plenty of vets who should and could be using these apartments. The VA hospital is right next door.

Our next stop was the UN. This building needs to be replaced. The problem is no one country owns this building. The land was donated by the Rockefellers. This means the US has no control of the building. It is considered no man's land. It was built in 1952.When the meetings are in session, the flags of every nations participating is flown in alpha order.

There was a little picketing going on. These Orthodox Jews wanted to boycott Israel because they do not believe in the coming of the true one. Is this a contradiction or what? I guess ya got to do what ya got to do.

Do you know how to tell how old a New York building is? Compare the to pics. One has an exposed water tower and one doesn't. NYC is pretty flat so water must be pumped to the city and each building. You don't see these in Cally.

What is the Hotel in the city that every president of the US has stated in since the 1900's? The Waldorf Astoria. I sure hope the inside is fabulous because the outside was sure nothing to write home about.

As we were going to meet our niece we saw NYC finest on their horses patrolling the area.

Our niece LaShelle lives in Brooklyn at works in the city. We met her at this really good vegetarian restaurant. After dinner we decided to take a stroll in Time Square. Boy do the weird folk come out.

A guy calling himself the Naked Cowboy, guy dressed like Statue of Liberty, truck driving around with fake iron workers, Woman watering her two great Danes.

One of my favorite stores was there so we left Lo to rest and went shopping at Forever 21. This is a 4 level store. Yahooooo. We had fun there.

On our way to the store and back, there was a guy with an albino python snake. All ya'll know I DO NOT DO THE SNAKEY THING!!!!!!!!!!. LaShelle saw it told me and I was ready to run in the opposite direction. She grabbed my hand and diverted us around the crowd. When we came out of the store the cops told the guy to move since he did not have a permit. Why was he moving in our direction??? Again I was ready to run in the opposite direction. Again LaShelle was able to redirect our path. Whewwww. Missed that bullet. Thank you LaShelle.
Look around Time Square a little more and then called it a night. We got on the subway and went home.

Question of the Day
What is was Times Square original called?

Well, Until the next time Campers...

Lo & Bren


  1. What is it with big cities and people in their underwear downtown? That Cowboy dude needed to go home.

    By the way, Prêt à Manger was in Glasgow, too... and it's a LOVELY place, not foo-foo at ALL! Heh. I know you did not go in. ☺