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Hey there Campers,

Woke up today to another hot SC day. Cairy told us about another historical place to go. Those who know Cairy knows that he has scoped most historical places in his area. Kings Mountain National Park.

The battle at Kings Mountain played a very important part in the Revolutionary War. The American army in the north was keeping the British down and they were not getting anywhere. By 1780 the British military decided they would head south to try to capture the American southern colonies. There were lots of British loyalists in this area. Most of the people were backwoods and did not really want to fight. At the Battle at Waxhaw the British were winning so the Americans were giving up and waving a white flag of surrender. The British did not care. They went in for the kill. It was so bad it became known as the Buford’s Massacre. You know Americans have the mind like an elephant. They do not forget what has happened.

When the two groups meet up again the Americans are determined to fight to the end. They fought with the Buford Massacre in mind and defeated the British with all of their fine Officers like Patrick Ferguson, Cornwallis, Tarleton. They were also fighting with the top guns of the day. The Patriots were fighting with hunting guns and knives. Never underestimate how Americans will come together in a crisis.

Our tour started with a movie explaining why the capture of Kings Mountain was so important. The museum is set up like a forest. It is full of life and events of the early Americans. One interesting fact there were 3 African Americans who fought in this battle. Esaias Bowman, John Brody & Andrew Ferguson. The interesting thing is John Brody father was Col. William Campbell of the patriots. His unit who was one of the 4 coming up that hill. John was so impressive that when he was on his father’s horse the men in the unit took orders from him because he looked so much like him.  

We toured the battlefield trail and listen to the guided info through our phones. The park is very well laid out so you can get a picture of what the war really was like. Go on line to get the full story. The obliek monument was being restore. In 1930 congress made the mountain a National Park.

One of the coolest thing the park does is they bring in kids for a week to teach them about the war on the mountain. On the last day they take a baloon and put in the names of the people who fought on both sides. Once the kid gets their name they are give clothes to dress up in. They then eat and sleep out in the open just like the soliders. The next day they have a friendly Patriots & Tory tea and invite the parents to show what they have learned all week.

We came back to the Lester’s. We took them out for a farewell dinner as we leave in the morning.

Another great day in SC. It is not how so we are good. Since we did not get to have dinner with Catrina last night due to her being in school, we decided to go where she works , P.F. Changs, and see her before we leave. We have lunch there and he is the perfect hostess. She introduces us to Carrie, the bar manager who is our server. She is a veggie (ok that is slang for vegetarian) also so she great tips on what to eat. Don't tell Nita I had eggplant. She will try to get me to eat it all the time.Lo tries the sweet tea again and decides wow is that sweet. Ya think!!!


As I am going to the ladies room I notice a guy at the bar an his man bag is open with all of his stuff showing. I let Carrie know and she says not to worry because this is the south and nobody is going to steal his stuff. I am looking like what the heck are they talking about no one will steal his stuff. I am dumb founded. Guess I have seen to many 20/20's and lived in Cally to long!!!! Lo said not to worry everyone has a gun!

We hug our Catrina and head for the North Carolina Outerbanks. (Another Cairy trip)

Well Campers, until next time.

Lo & Bren

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  1. Awww, the Lester girls all grown up! So cute!

    Eew, sweet tea is of the devil. Tell Lo to put that nastiness DOWN.