Wednesday, July 11, 2018



Hey there Campers,

We got up this morning to a overcast day. We drove the Hilton to Walmart so we could meet the kids
at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for the last time. We shared breakfast and spent time looking over the
hotel and it’s African artifacts. There were beautiful African proverbs all over the hotel. One that really
stood out was the one from Uganda. It states "One who goes back to his home does not consider the
night too dark. He knows the way." So I guess one can go back home as long as you know the way. The Disney van took them free of charge to the airport. Disney has a cool way to make sure all of your luggage gets on the plane at the same time. They have lockers that have your name, flight and plane number with baggage tags. They take it to airline for you. You don't touch her bags until you get off the plane at your final destination. OK. That is why you pay a little more to stay at the Disney hotels.



We bid the kids adieu and head to the Hilton. We notice that the back window on the car (yep the dreaded back window) had slipped down a little. Dang that window! So I decided to go into Walmart to get black duct tape. Just as I go in it started to rain. I don’t mean Cally rain. I mean down home get yourself Florida soaked rain. It was so bad that I had to shop in Walmart for an hour.  (I know huh!) That storm just would not give up. So I decided to brave the rain to the Hilton. We threw some tape over the window and headed out. We drove to Palm Bay rest area and called it a night. Note: There is no Walmart parking in Palm Bay Area. It is in the “Snoots” area.

On Saturday we awoke to rain and more rain. We passed through Miami. Talk about humid. These Cally people are dying. We ventured on to Key Largo to the Kings Kampground. The drive to the Keys is beautiful. Of course we stopped at the Visitors Center to get info.  We drove around town just to see the sights. We checked out the houses on the island. Weeee doggy. The houses are $1M to $$$$ millions. Most houses have amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico. If you don’t face either one your backyard could have an inlet to put your boat. We did see some ravages of Hurricane Irma. Did you know there are 42 bridges that connect the Keys??? One side of the bridge is the Atlantic the other side the Gulf of Mexico.





We returned to the Hilton to spend time on the Gulf. While at the Gulf there was a signed that says
"Beware of Crocodiles." OK gang call me crazy, but there were people swimming in the Gulf. When asked why
they said in their southern accents, "the crocs are not USUALLY on this part of the Gulf. Just look over
there by the million dollar homes. They love it there." And they call us Cally people crazy!!

We were treated to a beautiful sunset.

Well Campers, until next time.

Lo & Bren

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  1. Ooh, I want one of those little candle tree thingies! Without Jimminy Cricket or whomever standing on top of it, though. That's just weird.

    The last time I was in Miami I was supposed to be there for the weekend... aaaand I walked off the plane and thought, "Oh, UH-uh," and we left on the next flight we could take. WAYYYY too humid for me.

    Meanwhile, I am glad you're in the Keys; the last time I was there I was all of sixteen and thought it was the most beautiful place. Watch out for the beaches full of crabs that just RUN at you for no reason, though. It's like The Attack of the Million & One Spiders and it is not cute. I loved swimming in the sea there, though, even though the fish have teeth. If it wasn't so danged hot, I'd go back there someday...