Wednesday, July 25, 2018



Hey there Campers,

Well, 2 sunny days in a row! Oh yeah. We got up early to go get the Hilton 4 fixed. We notice when we were driving into South Carolina we heard a noise. Lo checked it out and it was the muffler starting to have a problem. For those who were following our trip in 2015 you know we had this issue before. Not to worry. MacGyver (Lo) knows what to do and how to get it taken care of. We find a truck repair shop in the countryside and the guy says he will have it done before lunch. We decide to go to breakfast at a cute place called Yolks. Before we even get our meals, the shop guy calls and the part is ready. Talk about service and it only cost $25.00. Lo put in on and we get on with our day.

Cairy told us about the Museum of the Alphabet. So we started out trying to locate it. You know how sometimes GPS is not your friend. Well, it seemed like we had to drive to another state. (Well we actually did because it was in SC but you had to go to NC to get to it.) We finally got there but only had 40 minutes to see the museum. Well, that was not a bad thing because we actually got a private tour by Carson, an employee of the museum. He was wonderful in explaining how the museum foundation started. The museum founders have researched where and how languages were started. They are so detailed they take you back to the time of creation. They have the alphabet in almost every language. They have an original Torah. He explained how each one is destroyed once it gets ratted on the edges. They are constantly on the lookout for other languages so they have people that are constantly traveling. This may be a small museum but it is so worth going to. 

A local young sculptor who whose father worked for the museum has several pieces of art. While he was working on the Tower of Babel sculptor, his girlfriend dumps him, He decided to use her as his muse. She is the only woman on the tower. She is carrying bricks.

As we were leaving Carson was talking about school kids who come to the museum. There was a group of 150 kids coming later this week. They are Seventh day Adventist kids from the local conference summer camp.

Well Campers, until next time.

Lo & Bren

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  1. Of course the museum is another Cairy Lester special. It really sounds fascinating. I'm DYING though about that woman in the sculpture carrying bricks, though - boyfriend is not going to forgive & forget that mess EVER.