Sunday, July 1, 2018



Hey there Campers,

We awoke to another overcast day. We stopped in Sioux Falls, SD at the Walmart and Sam’s Club to get supplies. Y’all know I can’t stand any thing from the sea in regards to food. (Ok, I am weird like that.) So granddaughter K decided she wanted a tuna sandwich. I was trying to figure out how I was going to work that out. Do I buy tuna and let her mix it up and put leftovers in the fridge that will smell everything up or what. Well Praise the Lord. Subway was at Walmart. Tuna sandwich delima averted. That was find with me because I did not have to make it or smell it. We crossed into the state of Iowa. At a rest stop they had a place to dump our waste water.I am sorry to say coming down Interstate 29 was very uneventful except we paralleled Nebraska for a while. In Cally we do not understand having a state next to us we can literally see. The only thing that divided the states was the Missouri River. The freeway was the trail Lewis & Clark used to explore the west. Corn fields to the left. Corn fields to the right. Will the corn just stand and wave. We saw the strangest art on the freeway. We never could figure out what they were are meant. In Omaha, NE we were able to scoot around the College Baseball Series.
Later, we rolled into Kansas City, MO. If you haven’t been to this city you should try it. It is not the one horse town of old. It is a thriving metropolis. We decided to call it a day and stay at Walmart.  Well, that was an adventure! Of course you know who was driving at this point!! It was in the tiny town of Oak Grove. GPS gave some crazy directions that sent us down narrow streets. When you are more than 50’ long you got to be careful making turns. We finally found Walmart but couldn’t get in because they had a height bar across the entrance and we were too tall. We could have went where the trucks entered but that option was gone. There wasn’t a go around the corner and start again. Remember earlier I said “tiny town”! The around the corner was a 3 miles down a bearly 2 lane frontage road. Cross over the highway go back 3 miles. In Cally we call that a NOT!!! Sooooo. We continued 55 miles to a rest stop in Concordia.  Baked a pizza and called it a night. Ok. Y’all know I don’t eat pizza. Enough said.

Well campers, until next time,

Lo & Bren




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  1. Thank the Lord for Subway. You got that right. I would not be trying to have tuna in the fridge with everyone else's food, you are not weird for that!