Saturday, June 14, 2014


June 12

Hey there Campers;

Today started off with great weather. Not to hot or cold and slightly breezy. Lorenzo "Macgyver" took the muffler & turbocharger to the shop. The mechanic did well with Lo's design to fix the part. I decided to take a tour of the town. Of course you know I had to get my Fitbit steps and 5 miles in. It really is quite a historic town. Imagine what the settlers saw as they crossed the mountain ridges. Future homesteads with fertile lands. While on my walk I decided to stop at the bakery and get us breakfast while Lo put on the fixed parts. He was almost done by the time I got back. We loaded up and left Dodge with a flair. We headed to big time AZ. You know you have travelled a lot when you pass a location and remember that we ate there or we had a motorhome issue there. He, he,he. (Remember the 2011 trip when we had the radiator issue in AZ? Oh the joys of travel) Don't get me wrong the Hilton (aka motorhome) has been a real joy and only has one or 2 major issues which Lorenzo "Macgyver" always gets fixed. I love a man who can work with his hands......

We spent the night in Winslow, AZ at one of our favorite spots, the Flying J truck stop. There is usually a Denny's there so I don't have to cook. Hooray!! Hanging out with trucker definitely has benefits.

Well Campers, it is a beautiful full moon night over the plains, so we are going to call all the little prairie dogs in and go to bed.

Until next time, see ya.

Lo & Bren

Question of the day

What famous canyons are in AZ?


  1. A man who can work with his hands is awesome. A man who can back that up with brainpower the size of the Hoover Dam is mo' bettah, baby! ☺