Tuesday, June 24, 2014


June 22

Hey there Campers;

We traveled on to Fort Mills, South Carolina to spend some time with Charlene, Cairy & Catrina Lester. Cierra is now a senior in college, so she is doing an internship in Florida. Sorry we did not get to see her. Everyone is looking good and healthy. We cannot believe how grown up Catrina is. She will be driving soon. Watch out world!

They took us to a nice restaurant for dinner and then on to tour the city. We in Cally do not know what it is like to be able to hop into another state by just driving 3 miles up the road. Both Charlene & Cairy work in North Carolina. Strange isn't it!!

They showed us real nice homes. One of the homes is owned by one of the Belk Dept Store executives. Now I like grass but this is a huge amount to mow.

We were also taken to the Doris Duke Mansion. We were taking pictures of it and Lo said there was a lady behind the desk. So I jumped out and went to talk to her. She allowed us to come in and tour the mansion. It is very lovely and it is now a historic bed & breakfast inn and meeting place. We were surprised on the room rates. It was only $99 to $279 dollars a night including a gourmet breakfast. Definitely worth it. The area  alone was worth the cost.

The home was built in 1915 for James Buchanan Duke. It has been a home and hosted big time leaders in the 20th century. Doris was Buck's only child. Her father made her work for her money by putting her over the Endowment Fund. This still gave her lots of time to play. She was one of the riches kids in history. However, she was not a happy person. Money does not by love.

Duke's most important legacies is Duke Univ, Duke Energy and the Duke Endowment. The mansion is on the National Register of Historic Places. It also has a children theme garden. This is a 32,000 square foot home. It has 20 guest rooms and a private bath for each. Some have sleeping porches. OK Cally folk, this means a screened in area when you can sleep and no bugs. Sort of high class camping.






We took our pics and headed home for a good nights rest. 

Until the next time Camper...

Lo & Bren

Question of the Day

How did the Duke family make their money?


  1. Well, well this is interesting - Tobacco fields

  2. (What? No Moonshine? Darn.)
    Man. Cierra and Catrina. Didn't Catrina just five minutes ago fit into Cairy's hand!?!?!?
    Time flies. Glad you got to see the Lester crew! (Although we note Cairy stayed out of pictures.)