Saturday, June 14, 2014


June 13

Hey there Campers:

Started today bright, bright, bright. Just as we got on the road we saw a guy on a bike (yes a pedal bike) thumbing for a ride. Talk about contradiction!! Had to ask myself Hmmmmm. Was he late for work or what. As we got into New Mexico we felt like we were in a John Wayne western with red rock on both sides. (For all ya'll who don't know about John Wayne goggle him He was an American through and through.)

We keep looking for those Cowboy and Indians to show up on the ridges. OK. I admit it. I was hooked on westerns as a kid. Give me a good western and I can sit all day. But no Cowboy and Indian fighting. The Lone Ranger had Tonto worked well together. As my Goddaughter Tanita would say stop digressing. Ok,OK.

We briefly went into TX. If you take Hwy 40 it is the shortest way across TX. Otherwise you will be traveling in TX for days. Did you know Alaska is bigger than TX. AK is several times bigger than TX. Just don't tell Tx that. Them be fighting words. In their minds NOTHING is bigger than them.

I am always amazed at the huge cross that is at a church just outside of Amarillo. If you ever have time to stop there it is a wonderful that has sculptures that show the life of Christ from birth to Crucifixion.

We were flying through New Mexico and on to Texas to get to Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. Boy was the wind sweeping. We are on our way to Rex & Norma's house. (They are also known as Barbie & Ken). You know we were trying to get there before dark but it did not work out. Oh well, a little night driving won't kill us. Of course it was my turn to drive. So we have them on GPS since we were here last year. Sooooo, why did we have to go by the Federal Prison, 3 small town, tons of stop lights before we hit Route 81? That was the short cut???? When we got on Route 81 of course there were very little street lights and we were both straining to see the turns. Barbie told me to be very careful and drive the speed limits as the OK State Police patrols Route 81 and they love to give tickets. If it said 25 MPH I went 24. Ok I admit it. I was a little paranoid about the cops. ( I must have watched too many Burt Reynolds movies with that Firebird and cops after him. You know those Smokey & the Bandit movies.)

We finally arrived at Barbie's street and Lo turns into the motorhome whisperer. He says "stay away from the ditch". Am I crazy, what ditch??? Like I can see a ditch when it is pitch black. When we get to their house he say's "slow down or you will miss the driveway" Am I crazy what driveway? Like I can see the driveway when it is pitch black. Luckily Rex is out with a flashlight showing the way in. Glad to see Rex and we call it a night. Thank the Lord.

Well Campers until the next time.

Lo & Bren

Question of the Day
Who wrote the musical Oklahoma?


  1. My mother has a set of DVD's of those old 30's Hopalong Cassidy Westerns... she really loves them, too. Cracks me up how they all could sing back then. On a horse. Without sucking in bugs or dirt...

    HAH. Short cuts.