Monday, June 23, 2014


June 20

Hey there Campers;

We woke up to another slightly overcast sky. However there was a butterfly just chillin on the windshield. How beautiful to start our day off with a creation from God. We left our Walmart hotel. 

We passed by one of the biggest churches in the Mid West.

Before we go to Memphis, TN, the highway stopped and funneled to 1 lane. Pray, tell, why would cars and trucks come in the closed lane and horn their way into the active lane??? Were was the cops when you need them? Finally, the cops caught 1 car. Hurray!!!! That ticket stopped everyone else from holding up traffic. Thank God for the truckers with their CB radios who let the cops know what was happening.

We decided not  to stop in Memphis as we have toured there before. 

On highway 78 we saw how the trains loaded by containers on each railcar. This looked just like the Port of Oakland. We saw this being done on TV before, but nice to get up close and see for ourselves.

As we were driving along up pops a street that reminds us of home. Not to worry we will be back there soon.

Well Campers. Until next time....

Lo & Bren

Question of the Day

What famous Rock & Roll start has a home in Memphis?


  1. ...yeah, I'm going to have to go with the Rock & Soul Museum... which celebrates the start of rock and roll?