Wednesday, June 18, 2014


June 17

Here there Campers;

We had a very quite day. Lo fixed Barbie's dryer and I was able to get my steps in. We were treated to a evening with Sara's family. Her Great Uncle Orville owns a egg farms and cousin Dave own a cattle ranch and canola farm.

We got a chance to meet Dave, his wife Stephanie, Matt, Abby & Isabel in church on Sabbath. Dave and his son Matt were out harvesting the canola. Matt is 13 years and he can drive a harvester's. OK kids. Don't say you can't work. Dave's wife Stephanie gave us a tour of their farm. If you do not know where your food comes from go to a real farm and get a experience. Stephanie showed us the cattle and how they are tagged and kept records of their shots, breeding, etc.

We were also shown the Brittany Spaniel hunting dogs. Ruby is the mother dog and she really was friendly. Her puppies are as big as she is. Luckily, the "puppies" stayed in their kennel. They were not trained yet.

The farm was really well taking care of. There were no vehicles all over the yard. No old farm equipment hanging around. The home was over 100 years old. They had a storm cellar. This is something that folk in Cally have only heard about. So far they have never had to use it PTL.

We went across the field to Dave's father's farm. He and his wife Phyllis own a chicken farm. Stephanie and the girls rode over on their ATV to give us the tour. Abby lead out in the information we were given. She is 10 years old and works for her grandparents during the summer and on Sunday's during school time. She told us she has been working since she was 7 1/2. She is the egg shelver. This means she makes sure all the correct eggs are sized and put in the right cartons. So if your kids they you they are "bored", tell them just to go work on a farm and they will be singing a different tune.

The whole operations was incredible. They have 18,000 chickens on this farm and they were kept in very humane pens. They laid eggs on shelves which pushed down to a conveyor belt. From there on to the candler. This shows the workers what is in the eggs. If the eggs are have anything in them or cracked they are pulled and put in another area to be put in cartons that are sold to markets for liquid eggs. Nothing is every wasted on the farm. Everything is weight and tested before it leaves the chicken house to be stored in the cool storage area before shipping. Did you know fresh eggs have a different taste than the eggs we find our our stores??

We had a nice drive home just looking over all the farm land and the farmers still out harvesting their crops.

We campers until next time...

Lo & Bren

Question of the Day

Can you name another crop of than the ones mention above that OK grows?


  1. Does crude oil count? Wheat - T, there are lots of others

  2. (HAH! Thank you, R., for leaving me some.)
    We learned "wheat" in school, and I don't guess you can count pigs as a crop, but I suspect they've got some of those, too. Um... peanuts? Nope, maybe that's further South...