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June 15

Hey there Campers;

When I last left you the wind was howling and sweeping down the plain. Things were rocking and rolling. I was told that it was lighting and thundering and raining. I did not hear a thing. Ya'll know that when my head hits the pillow I am out for the count. 

It was slightly overcast when we got up. But we were treated to another Barbie breakfast. Don't know how we are going to survive not having these breakfast soon. We are going to see Nick and his kids today. Barbie got a call from Eli stating that he wanted to see his "black grandfather" today. Eli is always so funny. You never know what will come out of his mouth.

Since it is Father's Day, we treated the guys to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. We were all thrill to spend time there.

When you first walk in to the museum, you see a very impressive statue.This statue was sculptured by James Earl Fraser who just happens to be Barbie's great grandfather's cousin. It is called, The End of the Trail,  A Native American View. Can you believed it was first housed outdoors in Visalia, CA. Talk about small world. That is the home town of our very own Alex Dalida. The statue was representing the end of the trail of the uprising of the Native Americans trying to preserve their way of life.

The same artist carved the Lincoln statue in another wing.

Our family continued on looking oil paintings and sculptures with western themes from artist from all over the world. It is a high honor to be able to show your abilities in this gallery.

They had special sculptures and painting from very famous artist like Frederick Remington, Charles Marion Russell. Mr.Russell also carved buffaloes and elk on a Winchester 1895 Sporting Rifle.No pictures were allowed to be taken in these special rooms.

Here is another fact I found out today. Barbie's mom's grandfather was a Indian Agent in the Minnesota Territory. He was from Pennsylvania Dutch. I was glad to have my sister there touring with us. She, Rex and Nick were a wealth of info. Who better to tutor than real horse folk.

This was a very interesting sculpture. It is called, Canyon Princess. It is evoking the grace and power of all western wildlife. It is a female cougar and is made of 31 ton block of marble and is 15 feet tall. The artist is Gerald Balciar of CO. It is an amazing work. Very eye catching.

As we continued down the hall, there was a map that listed every tribe of Native American in the North American Continent. This info would be good for all those who are studying Indian Lore.

We finally got to the section that had all the movie western cowboys. It is called the Western Performers Gallery. This was one of our favorite because we know a lot about the old western cowboys. You know you are old when you know who the cowboy Tom Mix is. I know most you are saying "who the heck is Tom Mix". Well just Goggle him and find out.

Did you know there were over 1,700 novels based on Buffalo Bill? Please don't ask who Buffalo Bill is. I know you studied him in grade school. If not Google him too. The great western novelist, Louis L Amour brought the west to easterners.

Some of the greatest western stars are, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers,Hop-a-Long- Cassidy, Walter Brennan, Joel McCrea, Gary Cooper, Henry Fonda, Will Rogers just to name a few.

Even Danny Glover was in westerns. Remember him in the Lonesome Dove series.

There are also women/cowgirls in westerns. My favorite was Maureen O'Hara.  If you have not seen her movies you really should. She is still kicking it and looking good.

Of course my all time favorite is whoooooo? John Wayne. Remember I talked about him the other day!!! He was called "The Duke". When most people think cowboy they think of John Wayne. John helped change the westerns. Remember him in Stagecoach, True Grit, McClintock with favorite leading lady Maureen O'Hara? Just down load one of his movies and you will be hooked.


 Here are facts about westerns you may not know:

  • The first Indians in movies were real Native American. They were later replaced by blue eyed actors. Can you imagine Burt Lancaster as an Indian? Well he was.
  • Gene Autry is from Ravia, OK
  • 5,000+ silent westerns made
  • AZ, was the first state to have a western filmed in it.
  • 1903 was the first western filmed - The Great Train Robbery with Bronco Billy as the star.
  • G.S. Garcia was a famous silver tack master in Elko, NV 1890's. It was a previous to have spade bits made by him. Nick has 2 of them.

Can you imagine there are over 8,000 of types of barbed wire. They have these cool drawers that you pull that shows each type.

There was a replica of a typical western town built in the museum. Of course Eli had to try the jail out.

The Garden Gallery had lots of things to see. Several native plants, flowers, birds, graves of infamous rodeo bucking bull Tornado, famous bucking horse Midnight & Five Minutes to Midnight etc. Ok, only cowboys would bury their horses and steers in a public garden. Several famous statues,- Coming Through the Rye - Frederic Remington and Buffalo Bill - Leonard McMurry.

There is so much to see and do at this museum we can not even tell all. Ya just gotta go when you are in town.

Well campers, it is time to say goodbye until the next time.

Lo & Bren

Question of the Day

What is John Wayne's real name?


  1. I GOT THIS ONE (nah-nah, Rita!) - MARION. I remember because I laughed so hard at that stupid Cash song, "A Boy Named Sue," and that fact somehow paralleled in my brain, that Cash knew someone named Sue, and that John Wayne had a less than traditionally masculine name of Marian. Of course, back then, Marion was probably a decent guy's name... when I was little, my Uncle John in L.A. had a housemate named Shirley who was a guy. Of course, he might have been more "alternative" than I even knew. (Ah, childhood, when you're completely clueless and just go, "Oh, okay, he's got a girl's name..." and go on, asking no questions.)

    I need to look up Maureen O'Hara, clearly.
    Happy trails, y'all.