Monday, June 16, 2014


June 16

Hey there Campers;

We had a lazy day today, just hanging around the house. We needed it after the weekend we had. Rex went to work and Barbie is keeping the grand kids for a few days since Nick is working and Sara is still taking a class in TX. Luke's job is to cut the grass. He is going to the 7th grade. He is taller than I am. OK, don't get funny!!! I am taller than I look. Well in my mind.


The next door neighbors, John & Arlene were invited to dinner. They have been married for 62 years. They were a joy to be around. I remembered them from last year when we were here. They are funny. They were telling us how they met. His father owned a camp that kids came to each summer. Arlene was one of the campers and kept hearing about the hansom lifeguard. She decided to check him out. She approached him because she needed a pillow. He thought she was cute so he told her he would find a pillow just for her. He gave her his pillow. They started dating. So when he got out of the Marines they decided to get married. On their wedding night they found out that neither one of them slept with pillows and used that ruse to meet each other. I guessed it work.

We love talking to older people as they are a wealth of knowledge. It is good to see the love that surrounds them. They also told us that it is ok to get mad sometimes but realizing that you made a commitment and stick to it. I wish every couple could find this joy in life.

Well campers we are calling it a night. Until next time.

Lo & Bren

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  1. Maybe when Luke goes back to school, Ken and Barbie can get a few goats... that's a lot of lawn!