Saturday, June 14, 2014


June 11

Hey there campers;

The Brandy's are at it again. We are off to another adventure. This time we're on our way to Nova Scotia and the to the Faith on Fire Camporee. Before we left we got a beautiful card and hand knitted potholder from VK wishing us well on our travels. We started off today with lots of sunshine and cooler weather than the last few days. When we got to the Tehachapi's  mountains "old Eagle Ears" heard a noise. Aren't guys funny. They can hear a car noise but not their wives. LOL!!  So I pulled over on the next off ramp.

So my honey Lorenzo "McGuyver" flipped under the motorhome ( a.k.a. the Hilton) to find out what the problem was. The muffler and the turbocharged pipe came apart. This has happened before so not to worry. So we parked in the Home Depot parking lot and he proceeded to work up on it. However we need to have the two parts welded together. We called around a couple of places got great information from the local people. The people were amazingly helpful. If you got to break down here is the place. This will be done in the morning and will be on our way up again. The Lord always blesses. This problem could have happen in Timbuktu. We had a nice Mexican dinner and awaited for the next day to come.

Did you know Home Depot has Wi-Fi ??? We have used it several times. It works even in the parking lot of the store. Yahoo!

Question of the Day:
What is the Tehachapi's  known for?  All who drive to Vegas should know this answer.

Until next time Campers
Lo & Bren