Sunday, July 8, 2018



Hey there Campers,

It started as a warm day. So we let the windows down for fresh air. In true Brandy form the right passenger window only went ¾ up. What the heck??? So we decide to just drive and meet the kids at the hotel. At the hotel parking lot, (thank the Lord it was underground) we still couldn’t get the window up. So we decided to just go on with our day. Ok you Cally people. I know you are saying are they crazy just to leave that window like that. Since we were in a Disney hotel with security we left it to deal with later. Get over it. Trust I was nervous all day thinking my car was going to be broken into. 

As a typical Magic Kingdom day it started off with the band and the barbershop quartet. K was showing how to dress for Disney. She had her ears (which Sharelle’s friend made), shirt, water backpack and shades. She was ready.  

Our first ride was on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. E is tall enough. Yahooo! 😂While this is not Splash Mountain, it is a good ride. E got to play with machines. That was rightdown her alley. 

We went to the Hall of Presidents. Everyone who goes to Disneyland should think about going here. It is a good place to cool off. It is also a good place to learn some history of our country. Each president is represented. Yeah, even the current one. Since it is Disney, the Presidents talk and move.



We got to see the Incredibles in the parade. We went on the Incredible ride in Tomorrow Land. Ok. Call me crazy, when we get off the ride, come out of the exit door and run into the danger sign. OK. Are you telling me there are dangerous animals in this area? If so why are you having us go this way???? Disney are you serious?? Mmmmmmmm….


If you have seen the new Incredible movie, you know there is a baby named Jack-Jack. So they had baby races in his honor. It was fun to see if parents could get their kid to come to them. Some kids looked at their parent and said “no way am I going down there. I’m gonna sit right here with you.”

We ventured onto the Speedway. Of course the girls decided to be the drivers. Lo always enjoys this ride. 


The characters put on a show in front of the castle.

On to the Pirates of the Caribbean. Sorry DW. You cannot match the one in DL. The drop into pirate land was “was that a drop or bump?”

We took the Jungle Safari ride. The guide was funny with her one liners. She made the ride fun.


It was great to see the Disney Princess Parade. Yep!! It is good to see Princess Tiana. We waited a looooong time for her. 






It was time to stop and get a Dole ice cream. You cannot go to DW or DL without getting one. The family enjoys this treat. Me not so much. Most of ya’ll know I am not your ice cream girl. If I get a tsp once a year I am cool. OK, don’t be a hater.

Lo and I decided to leave the kids in the park and get a jump on the window. Wow. Just as we get to the bus to go to the hotel it starts to rain. Wow.

We get to the car. Try to get the window up. No luck. We drive back to the Hilton4. MacGyver (aka Lo) takes the door apart, finds the problem and knows it is not a simple fix. He gets the almighty red duct tape out and tapes the window. (Yep it is red because it is the tape I used and that is my color! Don’t judge. It still works like duct tape) Now, call me vain, but this is my car and I don’t want it to look like a homeless living car. So he only tapes it in the inside. Whewwww. Saved by my honey who knows me well enough to know I would freak out if that tape was on the outside. Oh yeah looks good.

Well Campers, until next time.

Lo & Bren


  1. HEH. Yeah, I suppose tape on a window does look a might sketchy.
    Cars are so annoying -- why is it always when you're driving cross-country that you hear some weird noise that it never makes any other day???

    I can't believe how much it rains in Florida. Your skin must be nice, but I'm surprised you can even see the kids - the humidity just makes everyone's hair stand all over their heads. Thank the Lord for hats and braids...

    1. Braided hair for K. I can deal with the hair, it's the boob sweat, that was a nightmare!🤣