Saturday, July 18, 2015


Hey there Campers;

What a beautiful Sabbath. The Pathfinders and the Adventures were the greeters for the day. The Pathfinder & Adventure Clubs are like Boy & Girls Scouts for Seventh Day Adventist youth. You do not have to be church member to be a part of this organization.  I first got involved with this group when I was 8 years old. My parents were one of the leaders at the time. My sister Barbie & Rex are one of the 5 Area Coordinators. We got to know Chuck & Donna Hill. They are the head coordinators. Those 2 are a hoot. We felt right at home with them. If you are wondering why Rex was not wearing his uniform?? Well it got left at home by mistake. Trust me we have all done that.!

We got a change to speak with the Sabbath Keepers. They are a group of bikers who are out witnessing about what God has done for them. Don't be put off by their decorated patch vest or their dude rag. You have to meet people where they are. We talked with "Grump".

This little girl Esperanza from the Musgego Adventure club recited John 15 from memory. And she did not miss a word. She was amazing.

There was a singing group from So Korea. They are the Golden Angeles. They have the most amazing voices. There are only 8 of them but they sound like a full choir. They are medical, theology & business, students who commit themselves for 1 year to tour and witness for the Lord. They praised God with uplifted voices and hands.

The Kings Heralds performed.

The  Tulsa Asian church provided the offering music. Barbie helped collect the offering with the Pathfinders.

Dr. Randy Roberts from Loma Linda University church is the main speaker for the week. He asked a question. What's on your Playlist? He spoke about Moses and all he was put through. Randy's final question. Was it Worth it?

We got to see old family friends like Lacey Brinley. This is Paul & Larry Brinley's niece.

In the afternoon the Golden Angel group performed a concert in their native dress. Again their music was outstanding. They sang a song where they spoke French, Spanish and English. When they performed the song at SDA General Conference they spoke in Germany, Portuguese, Mongolian and English. This is a very talented group.

The Pathfinders had their end of the year program where they were given their ribbons and honors. They had 3 clubs that went to the Area, Conference, Union and Nationals Bible Bowl tournament. All 3 clubs took first place. First time in OK Conf history. The participants were award the gold 1st place medallion and the Bible Bowl pin.


The camp staff was also introduced.  My niece Sarah was head wrangler for the summer. Her husband Nicky was the camp nurse on the weekends. He is the guy in the middle.

The afternoon was completed with a concert by the Heralds.

My nephew decided he needed a rest. So he decided to get his grandmothers pillow out to rest his head. Outside! Eli. You pick your grandmothers pillow because??? Some like to live dangerously!

Barbie's niece Sarah, husband Ryan and baby Liz came by the came to see granddad as they are moving back to Walla Walla. It was great to see Sarah since it has been a while. You know who played with the baby. He is a magnet for babies. I am cool with that as long as we do not have feeding, housing and tuitions bills.

Just wanted to say I have been getting your emails and comments and facebook messages. Thank you for following and caring about us.

Well, until next time Campers

Lo & Bren


  1. Hah! Eli has a wish to not live out his full number of days, it seems.

    Thanks for the heads up about the Golden Angels. Sally may actually have heard of them already, but we'll definitely see if we can invite them if they ever hit the West Coast. It's nice that suddenly we have people asking if they can come to our church and sing (you missed a group called Won by One from Canada this weekend). We def. need more international groups and people of color, so keep a list for me, please! :)

  2. WOW! Eli has grown - of course but just makes me realize how long it's been since we've seen this young man. Hi there Shepherd's jr family.