Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Hey there Campers;

It rained and sheet lighting all night. We got 7" of rain. Why of why can we not get this water in Cally where it is really needed? Oh well I am going to enjoy this water while I can. We are taking longer that a 2 min shower. Yippee.

Today was very relaxing and we didn't do much. I took a class about prayer from Kelly Mowrer. Learned steps on  - Remaining and following. - Open my eyes because God sees more than me - Be real when talking to God.

Took a class on parenting from Dr. John Rosemond. Not to worry. We are not going to raise any more kids. He had some good thoughts on making sure husbands and wives had more time together. He also said kids should not be the " idols" in the family. Wow what a thought. I was sorry more parents wasn't there for this class.

Barbie went home since had work to do. She will be back tomorrow.

The evening program was started off with Corey Webber. He played the guitar and sang He Holds My Hand. Close your eyes and he sounded like Elvis when he sang that song. Randy Roberts sermon was Follow Me. Matt 9:9-11. Based on what made Matthew, the tax collector follow Jesus.1. Jesus had conviction. He stood for what He believed. Fearless. 2. He had humility. He wasn't afraid to wash others feet. He never forgot anyone. He called Matthew even though he was a tax collector. 3. He was a visionary. He gave a great commission to the motley crew- the disciples. Read or see the Ray Bradbury play about The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit (You know Amazon has the DVD). It is based on a frame of mind. Think this through:

Though there's no water in the River
There's no River in the bed
Yet he must swim across it,
For the River's in his head.

In Jesus mind everyone is a candidate for the kingdom.

We were treated to an amazing sunset in the OK skies.


Question of the Day

What is sheet lighting?  

Well, until next time Campers
Lo & Bren


  1. Some Scientists are saying CA is not receiving rain because of engineered weather patterns. Hum?

    Answer to - What is sheet lightning?
    Lightning with its brightness diffused by reflection within clouds.
    The terms sheet lightning or intra-cloud lightning (IC) refers to lightning embedded within a cloud that lights up as a sheet of luminosity during the flash.

  2. Just catching up with you after a week of "glamping" - we had good sunny days, but it's back to rain in Scotland, too. No sheet lightning, tho, thank the Lord..!