Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Hey there Campers;

Yahoooooo. We finally got some relief. It rained like crazy. That was so great. It knocked that hot weather right out of the spear. It was only in the high 80's today. But the humidity was high.

Today was Barbie's birthday. Her dad took us all out to dinner at Don Ciro's in Seminole . It is a great Mexican restaurant in the old train station.. After dinner they served a donut style puffy pastry. I could have pigged out on this item. But I thought I would have to put in more steps on my Fitbit.

The town of Seminole is governed and ran by the Indian Nation.  The Seminole were victims of a calculated purge of Native Americans throughout the United States in the 19th century. Through coercion, deceit and ultimately force, the U.S. government relocated Southeastern tribes west of the Mississippi River. For more info Google Seminole Trail of Tears.

As we were driving down the freeway we saw this sign. There was a prison nearby. I guess you cannot get any plainer than that.  Call me crazy but shouldn't the prison be looking on the highway if they escape??

This evening we were treated with another sermon from Dr. Randy Roberts. Matt 8:18-27. It based on Commitment. Some people thought Jesus was rude when he said let the dead bury the dead and follow Him. We have to count to cost of all we do. He said a very provocative statement : Extreme everything will distance you from family.  He also said to read Matt 5-7 before reading Matt 8 to get an understanding of what was said. He stated we should not be looking for fair weather friends. Did you know Pavarotti's father told him to choose either to be a teacher or singer, because you can't sit on 2 chairs. Wow.  We need to teach all of our kids that as we help them to grow.

Question of the Day

What year was the Seminole Nation OK started?
Well, until next time Campers

Lo & Bren


  1. Happy Birthday, Barbie! :)

    The Hawaiians have a similar dessert, called "Malasadas." It's very easily made by throwing biscuit dough into hot oil, frying it until it puffs up, and then rolling it in cinnamon sugar....YUM!!

  2. LOL - Hahahaha - MAYbe escaped enmates. Now that is hysterically funny.

  3. Well, now I know how my grandparents got together beings my grandmother was Creek and my grandfather was Seminole and the reason for Canada. Thanks for the history lesson. I'll say 1936

  4. Whoa - don't pick up any hitchhikers, eh?
    That... sign is not bringing up the real estate values!!!