Saturday, July 25, 2015


Hey there Campers;

Well it has been a couple of days since we last blogged so let's catch up.

On Thursday we were still at OK campmeeting. In the prayer seminar I took with Kelly Brower, she stated one way to keep in prayer was to go back as far as you can and remember to find out when the Lord answered our prayers. She also stated to set a timer on our phone to read a Psalm. Whatever the date, read that Psalm. So 7/23, you would read every Psalm that have verse 23. Or every verse with a 3. I thought these were unique. You can also sing Psalms like Nearer My God to Thee, Be still My Soul, Great is Thy Faithfulness, etc.

Also  went to the last class on parenting. Dr. Rosemond stated kids spend more time on media and video that the reading skills and activity skills have greatley suffered. More young men have this problem than young women.

The evening program had a remarkable 7 year old girl playing the violin. I got a chance to talk with her after the program. Her name is Erika Hicks from Texas. She started taking lessons at 3 years old. Pastor Harvey Brislet played a trumpet solo of Fairest Lord Jesus.

Dr. Randy Roberts had his final sermon of the week entitled the "Strangest Text in the Bible." There was survey done by George Barnhart. It was determined that most people have a "sketchy knowledge" of the bible. Some of the knowledge  was funny and sad. (i.e. Adam and Eve were in the ark with Noah. David in the Lions Den). Most people know more about sports scores and celebrities than bible knowledge. Another research was done with babies. They were shown pictures of" beautiful" people and "unattractive" people. Every one of the babies when to which picture?? You guessed it. The "beautiful" people. But God sees all of us as beautiful people. His love for us is amazing. I know you are awaiting the Strangest Text. Well, read John 3:16. He gave it all for us. Think about it. Could you do the same?

Nicky and his son Eli got a chance to just spend some time together. We returned to the Hilton to watch the Lone Ranger. The original one of course. Did you ever notice the Lone Ranger had some pretty tight pants and he only wore one uniform the whole time of the series? Hmmm. When I was watching this a kid I never noticed. I guess we were so glad to have TV as a treat.

Barbie came back to camp to work. We left the camp and came to OK City. Remember the other day I told you the front A/C went out. Well, we went to get the part. We first went to Locke Supply. We went to the factory and was told we had to go to the store. When you the store and they did not carry the part. Could they have told us that at the factory??? It is hard turning the Hilton towing Connie around. We were told to go to McClain's. So now to McClain's RV store. We barely got into the parking lot. They had every part but the one we need.  They claim to be better than Camping World. Not. Sorry Camping World beats this hands down. They recommend Motley's RV. OK this is our 4th stop. Yahoo. They have the part. So when we get back to Rex & Barbie's Lo and Rex have the A/C fixed in 10 mins.


 I don't know who as the most tired after a long day. Eli or Sky.

On Sabbath, we just cooled it for the day under the trees. Eli loves to climb trees. It is so hot that all Sky wanted to do was chill out in the door between the kitchen and dining room at lunch time. Barbie's niece Darcy & her hubby Russell came to visit for the afternoon. They drove all the way from Keene, TX.  After dinner, Eli played catch with his Grandmother Barbie. Sky the dog was they catcher and brought the ball back to Barbie. We bide Darcy and Russell good bye with a prayer. They traveled home. This is a 4 1/2 hour trip.




Rex got involved with the ball game while dad and Lo looks on. Eli and Sky had a full day. While Eli & Rex played, Eli said "Poppa you really need to do something about those white legs." Out of the mouth of babies!

1181 Sky and the Cat are somewhat friendly. But you know cats. He was looking at Sky like you better watch it or I will get you. This was my home before you ever came.  Yeow!

1184 What a glorious way to end the day with a 1/2 moon and sunset.

Question of the Day

Who wrote the song Nearer My God To Thee and what did they do for a living?  
Bonus question:

What to 2 famous ships band sunk playing this song?

Well, until next time Campers

Lo & Bren


  1. The verse was written by the English poet and Unitarian hymn writer Sarah Flower Adams (1805–48) at her home in Sunnybank, Loughton, Essex, England, in 1841. It was first set to music by Adams's sister, the composer Eliza Flower, for William Johnson Fox's collection Hymns and Anthems.

    RMS Titanic and SS Valencia

    In honor of your love of history sister dear, I'll share some more interesting facts around this hymn;

    Another tale, surrounding the death of President William McKinley in September 1901, quotes his dying words as being the first few lines of the hymn. At 3:30 pm, in the afternoon of September 14, 1901, after five minutes of silence across the nation, numerous bands across the United States played the hymn, McKinley's favorite, in his memory.[37] It was also played by the Marine Band on Pennsylvania Avenue during the funeral procession through Washington and at the end of the funeral service itself,[37] and at a memorial service for him in Westminster Abbey, London.[38] The hymn was also played as the body of assassinated American President James Garfield was interred at Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio, and at the funerals of former U.S. Presidents Warren G. Harding[39] and Gerald R. Ford, and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands

    The Confederate army band played this song as the survivors of the disastrous Pickett's Charge (in the Battle of Gettysburg) returned from their failed infantry assault.[40] The Rough Riders sang the hymn at the burial of their slain comrades after the Battle of Las Guasimas.[41] A film called Nearer My God to Thee was made in 1917 in the UK. "Nearer, My God, to Thee" is sung at the end of the 1936 movie San Francisco.[42] In the Max Ophüls 1952 film, Le Plaisir, the French version of the hymn, 'Plus près de toi, mon Dieu,' is sung in a country church, which causes sobbing among a group of visiting Parisian courtesans."[43][44] The title of the hymn is also the title of a painting by physician Jack Kevorkian.[45] William F. Buckley mentions in the introduction to his 1998 book, Nearer, My God: An Autobiography of Faith, that the title was inspired by "Nearer My God to Thee"

    A variation of the tune is played by the band ZZ Top in an 1885 hoedown scene in Back to the Future Part III, though the song is played at a more uptempo pace than traditionally known. At the beginning of The Simpsons Movie (2007), Green Day is seen playing a concert in Springfield on a barge. The audience pelts the band with stones. As the barge begins to sink, bassist Mike Dirnt quotes the film Titanic, uttering Hartley's line, "Gentlemen, it's been an honor playing with you tonight."[47] The band members all take out violins and begin to play "Nearer, My God, to Thee" while sinking. This Titanic gag was also used in the film Osmosis Jones, but the line is changed to "Gentlemen, playing with you has been the greatest pleasure of my life."

    1. IN BACK TO THE FUTURE!? Okay, WAY bizarre, clearly I either never saw that film or fell asleep before that scene. Weird! Rita, you know everything! (But, now I'm back in the land of internet, and I WILL be faster on the answers here!)