Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Hey there Campers;

What a great sunny day to start life. Lorenzo always does a walk around the Hilton when we stop to assure that everything is in its place. Last evening he noticed the exhaust pipe seem to be hanging a little low. (Remember last year's events that kept us in the Tehachapi's for 2 days??). After examine it, the pipe was rubbing against the tire. Lo jumped on it and got it fixed.

It was kind of sad to see that the whole state of Cally is brown.  But it can't be too bad people are still coming here.

Sometimes things happen and we just keep saying mmmm.... Please explain why, we the Brandy's, who travel all the time and everywhere cannot remember where the Flying J truck stop in Barstow is!! This year Lo said let's get this right. So I set up and paid  attention with my 2014 Flying J book that shows all the Flying J's in the nation. Dang it !!!!  We still turn on the right freeway in the wrong direction. There must be a mental block. Or maybe it is just not meant to be. When we got turned around in the right direction Lo says to me "next time remind me to head toward San Bernardino after we get off Hwy 58". Was he talking to me?? I did not even remember the last 5 times we tried this. (I did cheat and save the direction in the GPS. Now I just need to remember to check the GPS next time. Don't count on it.)

When we pulled into the Flying J there was a motorhome in front of us. Lo looked at me and said his usual "six for cocktail, 4 for dinner, 2 to sleep".

Since it was lunch time while we were getting gas, per the GPS, Taco Bell was .1 miles away. Or plain English, cross the street and around the corner. So I decided to walk there. Well. GPS does not let you know Taco Bell is closed down, but Del Taco was across the street. Against better judgment, I went there. Ok, all ya'll know I am not the most adventurist person when it comes to food. That had to be the most lack luster meal ever. After 44 bites of the taco salad, I could not even finish it. Even the sauce did not perk it up. We need a little debate. Taco Bell vs. Del Taco. Taco Bell wins hands down in my book. Tell me what you think. (I really prefer El Faros over both places but it is only in SF & Concord.)

We arrived in AZ in the afternoon. It is a scenic state.

We decided to spend the night in Williams. If you have traveled south or east you probably have traveled through Williams. We had briefly stopped with the kids when we were on our way to Disney World a couple of years ago. But this time we really toured the city. Ok, the tour was only 4 blocks but it was worth it. It is on Route 66. It really takes you back to the 50's. There was a older talking cowboy mannequin saying crazy western stuff. We even saw a gun fight in the streets. It was funny because it gave you 2 versions of the gun fight. The newspaper version and the real version. Just check out how the woman was dressed for each version.

Lo tried to find the girls sheriff badges but I guess the wild west only had names like Susie & Jane. Not Kaylani or Ellyana. We were able to add to Kaylani's pressed penny collection.

We ate at Pancho's Mexican restaurant. I just had to give Mexican food another real try in this state. The food was good. There was live music, a zipline. For such a small town there was something for everyone.

We retired to our Love's hotel for the night.

Question of the Day
What Disney movie was based on Route 66? If you do not know ask your little kids. They will know.
Well, until next time Campers

Lo & Bren


  1. Good morning Tanita! Where are you girl? Hehehehe.

    OK. I believe the correct answer is "Cars." Oddly enough I have seen this animated Disney movie and sister you know me and animated movies. That's my pick.

  2. And as far as Mexican food places - Nope, none of the above. You know me and Taco Bell - egh, egh, eh!

  3. (Hahaha! Rita...! Don't get cocky, madam.)

    I went to Del Taco ONCE in COLLEGE.
    Enough said.

    And I haven't been to Taco Bell since a couple of years before we moved to Scotland! So, yeah, gonna have to side with Rita on this one... Beans I make at home are always so much better...