Thursday, July 16, 2015


Hey there Campers;

We started today off with a nice slightly welcome breezy sunny day.  OK things could not  be better. Well, almost good. We went to charge the Hilton gas on the credit card and we get denied. What the heck?????? I always call Capital One when we leave to let them know they will see bills from whatever state or country we will be in. So why are  they stopping the transaction. Trust when I say we pay our bills off every month so there is not the payment issue. Ya'll know how I am about owning anybody anything.  That is just not going to happen. They said they saw all the transaction for the gas. (Trust me the Hilton can run up gas bills as big a $250 per fill up depending on diesel cost.) That is why we call ahead to make them aware. So the agent finally says the computer actually monitors the card and will kick some transactions out if it seems out of character for the account. We finally found the issue. It was because he had dinner at Denny's for under $20.So are we not to eat on the road??? Trust me when I say they were happy to get me off of the phone with the manager. Good things came out. They gave me a $100 credit for my troubles. Now that is what I am saying!!!!

We traveled on through Texas. Has anybody been to Groom, Tex? If you do me sure to stop at the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ Church. (You can Google it.) Talk about witnessing to the world. It is an amazing sculptures of the last 2 days of Jesus before he dies for us. The cross is so large that you can see it 40 miles away. Each sculptures is a step by step event as Christ goes from Pilot to the grave where He rises. There is a 8 min video on the cross and about the church. This is a large church considering the whole town only has 587 people in it.. You know you are in the south when you hear Elvis singing You';ll Never Walk Alone and Amazing Grace on the Video. When you leave there you have a peace within.








We traveled on to Oklahoma. When we come to the El Reno turn off we see several news vans. We were trying to figure out what was happening. Another jail break??? See the question of the day to figure it out.

We arrive at our family's house. My sis Barbie, Rex and dad are looking great. We are heading to the OK Campmeeting tomorrow. Barbie's neighbors John & Arlene came over to celebrate Barbie's birthday. Ok. When I heard it was Barbie's birthday I started to really panic. I was racking my brains. Did I not know it was her birthday. I though I must be losing it worse that I thought.  Whew!! It really is on Tuesday. Neighbors just wanted to celebrate today since she was not going to be home. 

We face timed our two little granddaughters before bedtime.

Question of the Day

What was going on in El Reno, OK today? You will be surprised.

Well, until next time Campers

Lo & Bren


  1. Obama visited the Federal prison in El Reno, OK

    Hugs for my Sister Norma

  2. Wow, I love how that church added whomever they wanted to into the story. "Hey, Native guy, come be part of the story!" That's really cool.

    Trip, that you're way far from home, and you run into the President. ONLY YOU.

    (Stop trying to know everything, Rita.)

    1. You & Rita really make my day. You make the blog fun.