Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cincinnati to Branson

Hey Campers:

July 12. Today is our baby girl Sharelle's birthday. Sorry we were not there to celebrate with her. But we did call and wish her a happy one. We traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio,and saw where the Reds play. I did not realize that Kentucky was across the river from Cincinnati. We were amazed that the Ohio River was dirty brown.

We went through Louisville, KY. OK guys. We must be careful to not to put the accent on every syllable of the name. It is pronounced Louieville. I guess we are straight now. It is a thriving metropolis. Imagine the convention center being call KFC Yum Center. I guess it is "finger licking good".

Since this is the land of many rivers, there are many different styles of bridges. We decided to stay outside Cincinnati for the night.


July 13. On Sabbath we went on to Indiana. Did you know that Lincoln was born in this state? We always think about his time in Illinois.

Traveled on to Missouri. You know you are in St. Louis went you see the arch. No I don't mean the golden arches but the world famous St Louis arch. When you are on the freeway and you round the curve the arch is seen in the distance. Then the river is crossed and there is the arch. Did you know that you can take a seated elevator to the top of the arch and see for miles?? We have done this before. Did you also know that there is a wonderful museum dedicated to the travels of Lewis & Clark in the bottom of the arch?  This is a must see if you ever get time. 


We decided not to go into Branson today so we stayed at our favorite hotel in Springfield, MO.

July 14.  On to Branson. It is a beautiful area. One get the illusion that there are mountains in the area. But they really are just small rolling hills.

We decided to stop at the visitors center to see what shows were available. Maggie, you would be very proud of us. We were offered free show tickets if we were willing to sit through a 2 hour sales pitch for a Wyndham timeshare. Hello. Can you spell F-R-E-E? What is 2 hours. We told the sales guy up front that we were not timeshare folks but, they still wanted to move forward. It was fun to see what they would offer. We walked away still timeshare free.

Branson is really a countryfied Las Vegas. One strip with hotels and theaters. We decided to go to the Legends in Concert. We met people from Ohio and South Carolina. They were a hoot.  The 2 Ohio couples were talking about being married 40+ years.They also told us that the Ohio river is brown right now because of all the heavy rains they have had in the past month. The South Carolina couple were so funny that they kept us in stitches talking about their lives tractor pulling and deer hunting. We had a great time before the show.

The current legends are Johnny Cash, Celine Dion, Blues Brothers, The Temptations and Elvis. OMG. This was an awesome show. Each of the entertainers really knew their subjects well. Their voices were dead on. 

It was cooled to be picked as one of the people to sing with the Blues Brothers. OK, I only got to say NawNawNaw etc.. but it was still fun. We got a chance to meet with the Temptations after the show.

Went to Krispy Kreme before we went home. As Barry V would say "What a way to end the night."

Well campers, See ya soon.

Lorenzo & Bren

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  1. Check you out, on stage!!

    I have never been to the middle of the country, where all the rivers and bridges are, but we're looking forward to visiting Minnesota at some point, as we've had a friend settle there.

    Yes, I'll take your point with "Looeyville" along with "Bawlmore."