Friday, August 17, 2018



Hey there Campers,

We rolled into Houston, TX to go to the Buffalo Soldiers’ Museum. After reading an article about the museum, I thought it was important to see the solider side from the black soldiers’ point of view.


Blacks were always a part of the war. The quote of “Never wanted, Always needed” is an important fact. There have been black soldiers in every war the US has every participated.

The reason black soldiers were called “Buffalo Soldiers” is because Native Americans saw blacks are dark and have curly hair like the buffalo.

Some quick facts:

Ø  Buffalo soldiers were African American soldiers who mainly served on the Western frontier following the American Civil War.
Ø  In 1866, six all-black cavalry and infantry regiments were created after Congress passed the Army Organization Act.
Ø  Their main tasks were to help control the Native Americans of the Plains, capture cattle rustlers and thieves and protect settlers, stagecoaches, wagon trains and railroad crews along the Western front.
Ø  Fought wildfires and poachers in Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks and supported the parks’ infrastructure.
Ø  Even facing blatant racism and enduring brutal weather conditions, buffalo soldiers earned a reputation for serving courageously.
Ø  Buffalo soldiers had the lowest military desertion and court-martial rates of their time.
Ø  The buffalo soldiers included two regiments of all-black cavalry, the 9th and 10th cavalries.
Ø  The nation’s oldest living buffalo soldier, Mark Matthews, died at age 111 in Washington D.C.
Ø                        Uniforms made blacks feel they are somebody.


The museum is from the Buffalo Solider to current soldiers serving in the military.

We got an email that said we could order our Tesla car. So we sat down and looked over our options. We were ready to click ok. Our son Art told us to go test drive one before we click the yes button. We left the museum and traveled to the Tesla dealer. Wow. We are going to have to reevaluate that yes button. Are they kidding us? The Model 3 is a stripped down Tonka car. I am supposed to pay close to $70,000 for this. Slow your roll Brandy’s.

Well, campers until next time.

Lo & Bren


  1. Art is wise, as always. (Well, mostly. Hah.) THIS is what we're waiting/saving our pesos for...