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Hey there Campers,

Can you believe it? It started to thunder, lighting and heavy rain last night. How many times is it going to rain before we get home? Well today is the day we have been waiting for. We are going to connect with Brandy East. I know you are asking who are they? Well, Lo is one of 3 men in his family. His middle brother was named Monroe II. We called him Junie. He had five sons, Monzale, Marcel, Chris, EJ and Aaron. Kim and the young men all lived on the east coast. Monroe died in 2001. For several years we kept in touch and went to see them  a couple of times. But, as time went we lost touch. Since we were going to be in the Virginia and D.C. area we were determined to find our family. I scoured Facebook to see if I could find our family. I located Marcel and Aesha his wife on FB. Aesha FB me back and we were in business. Today we met at Busboys and Poets in Hyattsville, MD with Kim, Marcel and family, EJ & family. We really had a good time getting caught up with the happenings in our families. This was our first time in meeting our grand nieces and nephews. We did not realize that we had been at the restaurant for almost 4 hours. We decided if time permits we will meet again on Sunday.




Lo and I decided to travel to Baltimore to the Hard Rock. It was raining when we left but the storm really hit the time we were on our way back. Again blinding rain. I thought it was suppose to be summer???

On Sunday we ventured to the new Bible Museum in D.C. Calling anyone interested in the bible to go there. Again, this is a Cairy Lester recommendation. It takes the bible from Genesis to Revelation. Interactive sites were used all over. 

The Hebrew Bible Experience

In this 30-minute experience, encounter significant narratives from the Hebrew Bible, including the stories of Noah's ark, the burning bush, and the Passover!

Floor 3 - The Stories of the Bible

Walk through the stories of the Hebrew Bible, immerse yourself in first-century Nazareth, and listen to the story of how the followers of Jesus grew into a thriving community.

Floor 4 - The History of the Bible

Discover the Bible's history, from handwritten scrolls to mobile devices, as it was embraced by many communities with different traditions.

The New Testament Theater

A breathtaking 270-degree theater immerses you in the remarkable story of how the followers of Jesus grew into a thriving community. 

Floor 5

The 5th floor features "The People of the Land of Israel," a long-term exhibit from the Israel Antiquities Authority, as

The goals of the museum is: Museum of the Bible aims to be among the most technologically advanced and engaging museums in the world. Showcasing rare and fascinating artifacts spanning 3,500 years of history, the museum offers visitors an immersive and personalized experience with the Bible, and its ongoing impact on the world around us.” This is well worth the money. By the way, the suggested cost is $19.95 for adults, $9.95 kids. However, you can pay however much you want since the cost is only suggested.

They have well done stories of the bible that make you feel like you are there.

Here is a fact little known. Billy Graham was prejudice until he really started reading the bible. He was convicted prejudices were wrong. In 1953 he made the venue where he was holding a revival in Chattanooga, TN remove the ropes separating the races. He said "either you remove the ropes and let them stay down or you can have the revival with out me."  They took them down.  

If you call yourself any kind of Christian, or a want a be, this is museum that you must, must, must go to if in D.C.

We left there and headed to Marcel & Aesha’s home in Marlboro, MD. We had a beautiful time with them. The Brandy East includes Kim (RJ), Marcel & Aesha, and their daughters Morgann & Madison, EJ & Kayla and their son EJ2, Monzale & wife and 3 children, Aaron & Sasha & Kelani and Chris. Monzale and family were not able to come to see us because he was going to sea for months. Aaron and his wife Sasha was able to drive up since he had just got back from sea yesterday. Chris lives in Cally. We were able to face time Monzale and Chris. Those Brandy men are following in their parents footsteps. Junie and Kim were both in the Navy. We also got to see Mama Roy. This is Kim’s mom. She is still looking good. Still active as ever. Our goal is to make sure we never lose touch again. Thank you Aesha for facilitating this weekend.


Well Campers, until next time.

Lo & Bren

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  1. It's depressingly easy, in this day and age, for families still to become separated, so it's good that you guys made the EFFORT. Some of us struggle with the effort required, but all it takes is someone reaching out, most of the time, and then the ball gets rolling.