Sunday, August 12, 2018



Hey there Campers,

As we awoke to a over cast rainy day we continued our journey heading to Huntsville, Alabama. We stopped in Durham, NC to get gas and propane at a rest stop. A went to ask the cashier about a delivery truck that was blocking the propane tanks. She said I needed to wait by the truck to see how long he would be. The driver was delivering a vending machine. She said she did not know what he looked to ask him to move. So how was I to know what he looked like?? His delivery truck was already there when we got there. So I went outside. The person who did the propane asked how she could help. I told her the issue. She asked how was I suppose to know what the delivery guy looked like when she didn’t know and she worked there!! Well, she got on her Bluetooth and had the front desk call the driver. He came out said nothing and got in his truck. Thank you Barbara for being awesome at your job.
Yahoo! We found a Costco in Winston-Salem. Ya’ll know I love me some Costco. There was hardly anybody in the store. We travel on to Morganton, NC for the night to stay at our friendly Walmart. Of course during the night our rainstorm came. I have not seen this much rain in our travel.

We continue our drive through the beautiful Great Smokey Mountain. This is a very scenic tranquil drive. We finally arrive in Sweet Home Alabama. We find it interesting that the highway workers clear the side of the road by having controlled fires. Now ya’ll know that is not going to happen in Cally. The whole state would surely be on fire.


We arrive at Oakwood College in Huntsville, AL. Since it has been years since we have been here we take a tour of the campus. It was pretty quiet since school has not started. They have a wonderful organic farm that supplies a small fruit stand. I missed out on the okra. They were sold out.

On our way off the campus we saw the ducks on the green.  We laughed and said this was definitely a vegetarian campus as most of them would be fried up by now.

We found a Walmart to park in. We had an interesting encounter with a local person. This lady was walking to Walmart and stopped in front of the Hilton and kind of looked at us. She looked at us like she was trying to make a decision about something. She finally walked over to talk. She wanted information on how to drive a RV since she needed to bring her ill father from Michigan to Alabama. We spent time talking with her about rentals and driving abilities. We had a very delightful time.

Well, campers until next time.

Lo & Bren


  1. I'm always so impressed with Oakwood because like other colleges they've not given up their industries training - I think they own a Little Debbie's or something - and college students work there, AND on the farm AND in various other industries, so they know there's more to life than working on office machines. Not everyone is gifted in those areas, after all. Lately, Oakwood has encouraged their students to be politically active as well, and I'm impressed by how they're out there leading with Jesus, but also out there being seen and heard supporting those who need support.

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  3. Not sure if you realize that Dred Scott, of the famous U.S. Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision (this case established “Separate but Equal” in the mid 1800s, which the famous Brown vs. Board decision overturned in the 1950s), was a slave on plantation land that later became Oakwood University. Cairy

  4. The descendants of slaves attend an Adventist university that sits on the grounds of a former slave plantation. Did my God play a role in that or what?!?!?!

  5. The campus also has a slave cemetery.

  6. Brenda, my sister Karen lives steps from the campus, she would have loved to see you guys. I let my girls know that they would not exist if their New York dad did not meet their Los Angeles mom on that campus. I have many memories that are tied to that campus. Edwards Hall, in one of your photos, was my home for four years. Oakwood is the closest thing, by far, that black Adventist have to a Mecca. It is were blacks SDAs from far flung parts of the US and the world meet - which is such a priceless experience. Cairy