Thursday, August 9, 2018



Hey there Campers,

Well, what a great day to go to George’s house. The drive to Mt. Vernon, VA was a beautiful scenic one. We saw a Freedmen’s cemetery for newly African American during the Civil War.


We arrived at Mt. Vernon and got our tickets and time to take the house tour. If you want an earlier time to visit the house you probably want to buy your tickets online or get there early.
Some quick facts about George Washington and Mt. Vernon:

Ø  Even though George was married to Martha they had no children.
Ø  Martha had 4 children by 1st husband Daniel Parke Custis.
Ø  Known as “Father of his Country”.
Ø  Was mostly self educated.
Ø  Saved American twice in the Revolutionary War.
Ø  He never abused his power. Boy, can the current Prez take note!!
Ø  Owned 50,000 acres and pushed for westward advancement.
Ø  Was the first to sign the States Constitution
Ø  Was unanimously elected to two terms of presidency.
Ø  Was an agricultural innovator and pioneer.
Ø  Wrote a 23 page will.
Ø  Only slave owing president to free all of his slaves.
Ø  Washington did not sign the Declaration of Independence. Why? Because he was in New York with the Continental Army.
Ø  During the Civil War Mt. Vernon was open to all Soldiers regardless of which side you fought on. Everyone left their guns outside. They had to cover their uniforms with a blanket provided. No fighting inside the grounds.
Ø  9 guest rooms.
Ø  671 people came to visit.
Ø  Loved ice cream

While awaiting our time for the house tour we visited the George’s & Martha resting place. In the vault behind the tombs 27 family members are interred there. There also is a slave cemetery.
Did you know you can get to Mt. Vernon by boat?

We toured the many out facilities. There was a carriage house, wash house, paint cellar, smoke house, clerk’s quarters, store house, gardener’s house, salt house, spinning house, overseer’s house, blacksmith house. There is a live blacksmith on the plantation.


Slave’s quarters were interesting. You got to see how slaves lived and what would happen to them if they ran away. There were slaves there to tell their stories.
We finally got to visit the house. The rooms were large. George died from a severe throat infection in his bed. The grounds are well taken care of as they were back in the plantation days.


We got a chance to speak with Albin Rawlings, clerk for Washington. He was a very informative person on all aspects of George.

The George Washington Museum and Educational Center is a most see even if you never tour the house. The museum takes you from birth to death.


There are many fascinating items in the Educational Center. It has George’s teeth.

There is also a slavery museum. It is called Lives Bound Together, Slavery at Washington’s Mt Vernon. The museum doors have all the names of the slaves who work at Mt. Vernon. After fighting the freedom war George changed how he saw slavery. He freed all of his 123 slaves up on his death. Now I know you are asking why he did not free all the slaves. Well he could not because they were dower slaves. Say what?? A dower slave would be the one his wife brought to the marriage by dowry. A spouse cannot sale these slaves if the wife did not want it so.

The Education has a learning center for kids to have hands on classes. There are interactive items around the museum.


Did you know the people of America wanted to crown George king and he refused? He said “He wanted all the power to be with the people”. Washington didn't want the city to be named after him. He called D.C. the Federal City. The museum ends with a great movie about George.
After leaving Mr. Vernon, we ventured back to D.C. I needed to check out Howard University because my niece Chardy thinks she may want to go there.

Well Campers, until next time

Lo & Bren


  1. I love all this kind of stuff - but it's ironic to me that the inside of Washington's house looks just like every other stately home in Britain. They really all were copying each other.

    The costumed historical interpreters must have been dying in that heat, though! All those layers!!

    1. Yes he was but he knew all the details about GW.