Monday, July 22, 2013


Hey Campers:

July 21. We started our trip with a sunny day on our way out of CO. CO has the most beautiful scenery along the freeway. If you have ever been to Vail, Aspen or Breckenridge you know what I'm talking about.

When we came out of the mountains we came to rock formations that made you want to know more about geology.

Upon arriving in Utah we stopped in at the visitors center to get maps and brochures of the area. We have always found the visitors center to be a wealth of knowledge. Hey, it is free info. Your taxes has paid for it use it. We drove to the city of Moab to find a RV site. We always try to stay in state/national parks if possible. We found several parks on the maps we got so we decided to park the Hilton 4 and get in the car to investigate. If you want to stay in the Arches Nat Park, you will need to make reservations 6 months in advance just like Yosemite. They only have one campground - Devil's Garden,with 50 sites only. So we found other state parks to check out. Most of the sites were very primitive and not long enough for the Hilton 4. Trust me, we do not have to fancy sites. But they got to be be useable. One park had a bathroom that was truly "outdoors". Not that we use other bathrooms other than our own. But, come on. For real??? No cover? What about the bears and birds and others looking in???

We decided we had seen enough and found a nice RV park. Found a nice mexican restaurant for dinner and called it a day. The weather was 103 degrees today.

July 22. We started this sunny day with a trip to Arches National Park. At the visitors center I got my passport stamped for coming to the park. Did you know that this park has the world' largest concentration of natural sandstone arches?

Some of the highlights. We started with the Penguins rocks, on to the South Park Avenue that had the rocks that had the look of Queen Nefertiti, also at this location was the 3 gossips and the sheep. On to the double arch.

The next stop was the balance rock. This is a defiance of gravity. The pedestal is made of mudstone. It is thought that eventually the erosion will collapse the base and the stone will be no more. 

The windows arches are made up of many layers of rock formations. Over the years, water erosion, weather and cracks start the thinning to make arches.


Delicate Arch is the most famous of all the arches.

All along the road we saw rocks that had the makings of becoming arches.

We finally got to the end of the park and saw the Devil's Garden. By this time it is 104 degrees. I had my huge umbrella out, but it was H*O*T.

We decided to head back to the city. Since there isn't a city bus, Lo decided we can just go up the back streets to see where the "real people live." Some had houses built into the rock and caves.


We also found another campground that had the look and feel of the Bates Motel. We all know how I feel about the Bates Motel. the L  N-O-O-O.

Well campers it is still hot tonight. But we will survive.

See ya soon.

Lorenzo & Bren

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  1. Yep, yep - all that beautiful scenery and sandstone make CO and UT someplace I think might be okay to live... but then, I remember the snow and the heat!!