Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hey Campers:

July 16.  Today started out over cast again. This did not stop the humidity. It just makes you feel sticky. As normal we had to take the city bus to find go where the real people go. Unfortunately there is not a city bus for Branson. The trolley only took us around historic Branson. (Only a two mile radius.) It was still an enjoyable trip.

We ended up at the Branson Landing which is all about shopping and restaurants. They had a water show that was a designed similar to the water show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Trust me. This was a baby water show.

Have you ever gone into a Bass Pro Shop? It is like going into the forest. It can be scary.

Since this is our last day here, we decided to take a drive around the area to find out what else there was to see. This is very beautiful country.



We thought about taking a dinner cruise on the lake on the Branson Belle. But we decided the weather was tentative and we already had show tickets for evening.

This morning we were watching Good Morning America and saw Bruce Willis coming out with a new RED movie. I found out Lorenzo really like this movie. Soooooo. Off we went to Walmart to find it. The clerk said he knew they had a few of them. Since it is an old movie it was in the $5 bin. Talk about hunting. Two sales clerks and Lo and I went movie diving. We had movies everywhere trying to find our movie. Lo with his practical side decided to get a basket to stack movies. We finally found the movie. Yahoooo!

On our way out of the store, it started to thunder, lighting and pouring rain. I am glad that we did not spend the money for that cruise. 

On our way to the show we past by a mega church. I was totally amazed how these churches are located in the heart of the town.


We had tickets to called the Haygoods. It is was performance by 5 brothers and 1 sister. It was a very energizing show. They are all very talented in singing and instruments. The sister played a multitude of instruments. (The fiddle, sax, harp, etc.) They are the modern day Osmonds. If you ever get a chance to see them it is worth the money.


See ya soon

Lorenzo & Bren

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  1. You people and your entertainment! You know where ALL the shows are!

    Yeah, we took a little delta cruise on a sticky day... it did not improve things. Stay in the AC!! ☺