Thursday, August 6, 2015


Hey there Campers:      

Last night we arrived in Waco, TX. Boy this TX heat is almost toooo much. We can not get a break. Most days are 100+ and 80-90% humidity, I know you are asking why travel in the summer to the heat. Well, that is when we have free time from our regular stuff. Trust me when I say we are more busy now that when we worked.

Any way, we leave the Hilton at Sams Club and travel in Connie. I thank the Lord everyday we have cloth seats and not leather. I watch a show on HGTV that features JoAnna (JoJo) and Chip Gaines. The are a husband and wife team that helps people take old houses and make them their home. JoJo has a very distinct way of decorating. I have seen her items online so I decided we were going to be in Texas anyway why not got to her shop. It is called Magnolia. 

The items are very farmhousish. Meaning if you are looking for old items that would make your house look like it was designed farmhouse in the 21st century this is the place to go. If you have ever watched her at work on the show you will know that she really knows her way around old things. She is amazing. I took a tip from her and used an old wooden tool box and made my grandkids a crayon box. She always encourage viewers to look around your home for what you repurpose. 






It is a cute shop but when more that 10 people are in it, it is crowded. Not to worry. She is moving away from the 900 ft shop to a 4,000 ft shop in Oct.

Since it was close, we toured Baylor Univ. I thought SMU was beautiful. OMG Baylor felt like a fancy country club. It is 1,100 acre campus. They have over 15,000 students. 935 faculty. They are affiliated with the Baptist General Conference of Texas. I talked with one of the students who take new students on tour. He told me just because the school is Baptist, it does not mean you have to be. They will help you find a church of your affiliation. They are so serious about their sports that they have indoor football practice facilities. In order to get around we saw many students on bikes or mopeds. Guess who are Baylor grads? Yep Chip and JoJo. They are even featured on this months Baylor magazine.




At the front of the Baylor campus the Texas Rangers have a museum. The TX Rangers have been around for 170+ years. In law enforcement they are respected as the "Best of the Best." They are known for their White hats, cowboy boots and guns. They do not patrol any more. They investigate. 

In 1821 Steven Austin moved to Texas to help stabilize it.  In 1823 he was given 10 men to patrol it countryside. They were called Rangers. They were from all walks of life. They were mostly farmers, teacher, masons, etc. They were the primary defense force for Texas. Their main mission, until well after the Civil War as protection from Indian raids and incursions from across the Mexican Border. As the 19th century drew to a close, their responsibilities changed from military protection to law enforcement. This is what they still do today.

Flags that have flown over TX.

The museum has every type of guns the Rangers has used.
Rangers & Indians were enemies. The Rangers learned to fight Indians on their terms. There were Rangers who fought and died at the Alamo. When the Indians raided, it was the Rangers job to go after them. Indians knew the Ranger had one shot in their guns so they would wait and shoot with the bow and arrows while the Ranger was reloading. This is when Rangers asked for guns that would hold more bullets. 



There were fence cutting wars. The State Legislature passed a law in 1884 making it a felony to cut a fence.  Rangers were sent in to stoop the cutting and protect people and property from harm.

During the early years of Tx settlement, Rangers often worked as land surveyors. Rangers were ordered to scout for raiding parties. They used these opportunities to explore remote areas of TX for future settlements. 

Ever hear of Bonnie & Clyde? In 1934 Nobody could seem to catch these killer bank robbers. So retired Ranger Frank Hammer said to give him 102 days. In that time he lived like Bonnie & Clyde. He did everything they did to see how they functioned. He sat an ambush and killed them.

As you well know, Lo loves the Lone Ranger. We have every episode on DVD. There have been many movies and TV shows about them. You have to decypher what is real and not. Remember Tex Walker

There is a hall of fame of the Rangers. One Ranger reminded us of our friend Brian Lindbloom who just happens to be a retired Sheriff Chief for our county.

This is the current staff o the Texas Rangers. There are only 2 women.

Question of the Day:

Name the HGTV show that features JoAnna & Chip Gaines?  

Bonus Question:

What was the real name of the Lone Ranger and Tanto?

Well, until next time Campers

Lo & Bren


  1. Well I didn't have to look up the answer to your first question because I love the show - FIXER UPPER. Joanna and Chip are are great duo.

    Clayton Moore played the Lone Ranger and Jay Silverheels who was a Mohawk from the 6 Nations Indian Reservation in Ontario, Canada played Tonto.

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  3. It's so funny to me that my friend from Austin is vising me whilst you all are in Texas...
    I like the farmhouse look; are you redoing your house with that??